Must-See Disney Resorts
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3 Must-See Disney Resorts

Disney is a phenomenon that continues to spread magic and delight across all its resorts around the world. If you know this and have already made your mind up, you can learn more here about how to get tickets. Otherwise, read on and discover as much as you can about three of the resorts to help make your mind up.

Walt Disney World, Florida

As far as personal service goes, Walt Disney World, as the largest single-site employer in the US, has more employees than the other Disney parks combined. If you do not like heights, none of its structures are taller than 200 feet, even from the ground.

There is plenty of daring and excitement still to be had, though, with its Tower of Terror, located at Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom having Expedition Everest to explore. These rides are only just shy of 200 feet, standing tall at 199 feet each.

Since 1971, the complex has welcomed visiting families from all over the world and provided them with the experience of a lifetime. It has 30,000 guest rooms that can be stayed in. If you like history and steam trains, then you will love Disney World Railroad. Its four trains were built between 1916 and 1928 and offer a range of photo opportunities.

If you like the spectacular, Walt Disney World has a fountain at Epcot Innoventions Plaza that shoots water 150 feet into the air. That would be a sight to remember for a long time. You can then pretty much guarantee to see a different fashion on Mickey Mouse every time you visit because he owns 136 different outfits compared to Minnie’s collection of just 100.

So, lots to enjoy at this Disney experience in one of these Must-See Disney Resorts.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is also known as simply “Universal.” It is newer than the above resort because it only opened in June 1990, and there is no doubt that it has since developed into somewhere to celebrate Harry Potter.

There is, for instance, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Islands of Adventure to enjoy. The highlight here is, of course, Hogwarts Castle. This is where the signature ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is housed. There are also two additional rides to have fun, with the Dragon Challenge and the Hippogriff family coaster. If you have been before, these have been renamed from the Duelling Dragons roller coaster and the Flying Unicorn coaster.

Also, to see is the CityWalk entertainment complex. This is an excellent place for nightlife after the theme parks have shut their gates. There are many clubs and restaurants to frequent here. At the time of writing, names such as Hard Rock Café, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, and the Latin Quarter. For fast food options, Burger King and Pande Express can cater to your needs.

Movies can be watched at AMC Theatres or a round of golf played on the miniature golf course at Hollywood Drive-In. You can watch and listen to the Blue Man Group perform at Sharp Aquos Theatre for a spectacular music show. The shopping at CityWalk includes a candy company, the Endangered Species Store, and Universal Studios Store. The further good news is that there is no admission charge and parking rates drop in the evening.

So, a resort heavily influenced now by Harry Potter and a place to enjoy day and night.

Must-See Disney Resorts: Disneyland, Paris

For a different continent, why not try Disneyland in Paris? It was formerly known as the Euro Disney Resort and opened just a couple of years later than Orlando. The departments here include Autopia, Disney Illuminations, RC Racer, Star Wars, and Thunder Mesa Riverboat, to name a few.

You need to be spending a good amount of time in Paris to benefit from seeing and experiencing all that is here. It is a wonderfully fun experience for the whole family. For a game to play, there are hundreds of Mickeys scattered around the venue’s park.

A network of tunnels allows the Disney characters to move around the park in secret and end up in different locations. This saves them from having to make their way through crowds when they are not really on duty.

There is a gorgeous stained-glass window to admire at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. So, another place that your children will be talking about as a childhood memory for some years to come once they have been.

Anything connected to Disney will be surrounded by lively characters, spectacular backdrops, thrilling experiences, and plenty of magic. So, the experience will not fail to please children and adults alike. In that case, you know what you need to do – seek out those tickets now! What are you waiting for?

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