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Whenever you travel to a new location, the first thing you always want to know is how good the food is. Perhaps you’re a traveler who loves to experience culinary delights from around the world. You may want to track down your favorite dish – something that’s not always easy in a new environment.

Online solicitors Bott & Co have now produced an interactive tool revealing the top 50 cities across the world for foodie diversity. You won’t be surprised to learn that places like New York, London, and Paris are on the list. But so are Middle East cities like Dubai and Asian culinary centers like Bangkok, Japan, and Kuala Lumpur. The good news is that many cities have a wide choice of restaurants, bars, and cafes that cater to all tastes. Here are just a few highlights from the top ten foodie cities on the list:

New YorkBig Apple has the most diverse food scene of any city

With 94 different national cuisines represented, the Big Apple has the most diverse food scene of any city on the planet. Within a short distance you can find Cuban and Dominican restaurants, Ghanaian and Egyptian, Austrian and Chinese to name just a few. For each restaurant on the tool, you only need to click on the map to get a full description of the cuisine they offer.

Culinary Capitals to Visit: LondonLondon

It’s no surprise that London is next on the list. It has 89 different nationalities represented. Head to Ilford and you’ll find the Nessebar, a Bulgarian restaurant that offers an interesting Eastern European menu. If you fancy something from Asia you can head to Fulham Road and try the Simya Korean Restaurant.

TorontoToronto_Bott & Co website here.

Another cosmopolitan city with a wide range of food scenes to choose from, Toronto comes third on the list. 73 national cuisines are currently on show and you can get anything from subtle French cooking to Burmese, Sri Lankan and Syrian fayre. There’s even the odd Irish pub restaurant to choose from.

ChicagoJK Kabab House on North Rockwell Street

Nestled on Lake Michigan on the east coast of America, Chicago has 66 nationalities to choose from. Along with all the great architecture and museums, you’ve got a selection of food to suit almost any taste. Try some simple cuisines at the JK Kabab House on North Rockwell Street or go for something a little funkier at the DMen Tap with interesting German cuisine.

ParisWhere to eat in Paris

France is supposed to be the culinary heart of the world and they take their food very seriously here. It’s no surprise to find the country’s capital in the top ten. With 65 national cuisines available, you can find a rich foodie scene that includes everything from Paraguayan to Chilean as well as your typical French cafes and restaurants.

BerlinBerlin restaurants

Berlin has always had a rich food scene and there are 64 nationalities available, all within easy reach of the city centre. If you fancy trying some Nepalese cooking or sit down for a Vietnamese nosh up, Berlin has all you could want.

MelbourneThe Olive Tree

Keeping track with Berlin, is Melbourne in Australia. It’s a modern city that attracts tourists from all around the world, so it’s no wonder there are 64 different cooking nationalities available. You can relax at the Bistro La Provence on the waterside or try some Somali cuisine at the Dell Afro Restaurant on Racecourse Road.


Dubai is the biggest city in the UAE and has a large population, many from all around the globe. It’s no surprise that there are 62 cuisines from different nationalities. You can find more local Yemeni and Syrian dishes readily available. But there’s also a wide selection of French, North and South American and Asian restaurants to choose from.

Culinary capitals to visit: Los AngelesBott & Co website here_3

If you are heading out to LA anytime soon, you’ll have plenty of choice in the cooking stakes with a range of restaurants and eateries to keep you more than happy. Across the sprawling city there are 61 different nationalities represented including Salvadoran, Jamaican and Eritrean as well as the expected North American fayre.

San FranciscoSan Francisco

Sneaking into the top ten is another American city. San Francisco is a cosmopolitan tourist location and plays host to 60 different foodie nationalities. In just a small area you’ll find clustered together Filipino, Argentinian and French cuisine to name just a few.

The top 50 list of foodie capitals stretches right across the world. Tokyo, for example, comes just outside the top ten with 50 national cuisines. It might seem strange to find restaurants serving food from New Zealand or Croatia but there’s plenty of choices here if you’re paying a visit over the next year. Even Moscow manages to sneak into the top 50 with 34 nationalities. You’ll find Serbian and Ukrainian dishes, of course, but also Italian and Chinese.

Culinary Capitals to Visit: How Does the Foodie Tool Work?

The interactive tool lists the 50 top cities around the world for food diversity. All you need to do is click on the city and you’ll get a color-coded map that shows the exact location of the restaurants.

The team at Bott & Co have linked with Google Maps so you can get all the information you need, including contact details, for the restaurant of your choice. It gives you all the information you need to choose national cuisines from North American, Asian and European to African and Australasian on your next visit. You can see the full interactive tool with the 50 best food scenes on the Bott & Co website here.

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