Ideas of Restaurant Marketing
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Ideas of Restaurant Marketing That Will Help You Gain Client’s Stomach And Heart at The Same Time

It’s not a secret that people do research on the Internet before going somewhere, write and read reviews, watch the menu and prices, and make reservations. In today’s digital world, marketing your restaurant can be a daunting task. You have to use creative ideas for your business and make your customers come back again!

Before you start your marketing campaigns, you have to know for whom it is. What is your niche? Are you promoting millennials, seniors, families with children? The more clearly you define your target audience and buyer persona, the easier you can make targeted campaigns.

Pretend you chose the millennial generation as your target audience. You have to talk in the same language as them and use their slang. Using related slang can help your brand to show the audience that you are speaking the same language. Here are some creative ideas for your restaurant marketing.

Create Challenges Or Contests On Social Media

Everyone loves to win free stuff, and social media contests are a fun and engaging way to promote your brand. Try a prank in which you ask people to tag their favorite dinner friends! Or choose a veggie of the week. Let’s say cucumber. Ask your followers to make a list of cucumber nutrition benefits! As a result, you’ve created informational and engaging content based on a simple vegetable.

It can help you gain more followers, increase your brand awareness, and bring in more customers to test your business. In addition, if the winner has never visited your restaurant before, this will give them a risk-free experience of your restaurant.

Understand The Power Of HashtagsPower Of Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent tool for your brand marketing. They can increase your brand awareness and gain you more customers via Instagram. If your restaurant uses a hashtag all the time, that will inspire your followers to use it as well. That will increase engagement and build a great customer community. Once your hashtag is popular, you will expand your customer base and get your online followers to come to your restaurant!

User-Generated Content

92% of people trust other people’s recommendations, not branded content. People don’t like the content that marketers sell. It may sound too artificial. So they trust their peers. Therefore, use the content that regular visitors post to promote your restaurant. The good thing is that it is free and also you will save time for creating new stories and content.

Your customers already did it because they like to take pictures of their food and post them. If other people are promoting your brand, it looks like they are giving you a great review! This is one type of content that you can create, but also there are different alternative content marketing ideas that you can try out!

Web Design ideas of restaurant marketing

Having a catchy web design helps create an atmosphere for your restaurant and inspires customers even before visiting the restaurant. You can use your website to show visitors the atmosphere as well as your drinks and menu items. And also, you can use different types of charts and graphics to show them what generally people order from the menu because the majority never makes a mistake.

Your website should be mobile-friendly! For example, if someone is hungry, the chances are slim that they will take the time to take out their laptop. And they are likely on the way and will use their smartphone to find a restaurant quickly.


One of the essential creative restaurant marketing ideas we can offer you is being flexible! Sometimes the tips that you use may not work. Don’t get hung up on one idea. If something doesn’t work, change it. There are lots of creative ideas that you can use in your restaurant business.

Anahit Grigoryan is a freelance content writer and marketing specialist who works on blogs and articles related to digital marketing and business. She is a marketing enthusiast who currently works as a marketing strategist at 99PAWR and is addicted to everything that includes marketing. Probably you understood it already because, in her short bio, you read the word “marketing” 4 times… now 5. 

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