6 Tips For A Productive Workcation

Written By Alla Levin
July 07, 2022

6 Tips For A Productive Workcation

If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that many jobs can be performed successfully away from a brick-and-mortar location. Indeed, technology was likely a lifesaver for many businesses during this time. Similar to how staycations became popular during economic downturns, the concept of workcations makes it possible to take a vacation while taking time away from the office. 

If you don’t have the time or capacity to take an extended vacation, have a job with flexible conditions, and are able to perform tasks in a different location, a staycation may work for you. These six tips for a productive workcation can help you have a successful experience.  

Schedule Your Workcation in Advance

Schedule your workcation well in advance. Before approaching your boss, be prepared to answer any objections. Let the boss and immediate coworkers know that you’re a team player and a getaway will be rejuvenating and beneficial to your productivity. 

Try not to schedule your workcation after the company has taken on a new project or at the same time as coworkers. Delegate a few simple tasks such as answering emails and returning calls to a coworker and offer to do the same for them in the future. 

Before your trip, knock out any big projects by staying at the office a little later (or coming in earlier) each day leading up to your time away. You’ll have less stress and more time to relax during your getaway. 

Stay Organizedtravel totes

Staying organized will lead you to work more efficiently and productively, allowing you more free time to explore and enjoy your destination. Decide what tools you’ll need to perform the job such as pens, notepads, sticky notes, and software, and pack accordingly. You can find some sleek and stylish travel totes to help with organization. They have great features like laptop sleeves and tons of organizational pockets. 

Distance yourself from physical and digital distractions. Create templates for regularly performed tasks and customize spreadsheets. Get rid of websites that serve only as distractions. Consider implementing a time management technique such as Pomodoro which focuses on single tasks at timed intervals rather than multitasking.

Have a Designated Area to Work

When booking your accommodation, avoid crowded campgrounds and cramped hotel rooms. Setting up a designated work space in a suite or Airbnb rental will be much easier. A separate room for work is best, but space at a vacation property can be limited. Carve out a place where you can focus such as a corner in the bedroom or dining room table. 

When it’s time to get out and enjoy your destination, it will be easier to leave the job behind if you have a designated workspace. 

Check Your Destinations ConnectivityCheck Your Destinations Connectivity

If your job allows you to take a workcation, then it’s most likely a given that Wi-Fi connectivity is of the utmost importance.  That secluded mountain cabin or island paradise destination may be appealing, but if the Wi-Fi and cell phone signals are weak, your workcation will be more than a little frustrating. 

If you’re booking a hotel, check on sites like Booking.com for complaints in the reviews. When booking an Airbnb, reach out to the host to ask about the quality of their Wi-Fi.  And when traveling abroad, it’s a good idea to invest in your own Wi-Fi hotspot such as Skyroam Soils. 

Establish a Routine

Your daily routine can really get thrown off in a new environment. Get control of it by reestablishing your regular routine. 

Does a morning gym session get you energized and focused for work? Trade it for a run on the beach or a brisk city walk. Do you have a cup of coffee and check out the news before work? Keep that routine going.  Whatever you do before work at home, keep the routine up by adapting it to your new location. 

Resist the temptation to work in your pajamas. Change into your day clothes to help keep your work mindset. 

A Productive Workcation: Schedule Free Time

Most people are very committed to their job and want to please the boss. But don’t forget about the “cation” in workcation. It’s a proven fact that getaways and activities that interest you benefit your health holistically, so don’t feel guilty about scheduling time for yourself and your family.

Get up early for an island sunrise. Have lunch at a popular tourist spot. Wrap your day up early enough to enjoy your destination.  Plan an exciting activity each day and set a hard stop time. 

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