Things You’ll Need When Moving Into a New Apartment

Written By Alla Levin
August 27, 2021

Things You’ll Need When Moving Into a New Apartment

Anytime you move into a new apartment, especially if it’s your first one, there’s a sense of freedom and a clean slate. You get to start building your home from scratch, bringing in your personality and style. The tasks ahead of you can also seem a little staggering, though. How do you fill your entire place with quality items quickly and stick to your budget?

The first thing to do is adjust your train of thinking. You don’t have to do everything at once. Start with the essentials. The rest can wait until you get in the apartment and see what’s missing. Still not sure where to start? This guide’s tips tell you how to narrow down your ‘new apartment’ necessities, one room at a time.


We all have to eat, so start with your kitchen as a priority. Even if you plan on DoorDashing most of your meals, you’ll still have to have some basics. Walkthrough a typical day in your life. What do you need to get your morning jumpstarted? Coffee? A smoothie? Make sure you have everything you need to wake up.

Apartment kitchens are usually limited in space, so mini-size your appliances where you can. A single-serve Keurig or portable blender is easy to store out of the way. You’ll also need these basic kitchen supplies:

  • A set of utensils;
  • A dish set (you can usually find a 4-piece place setting inexpensively, perfect for having company;)
  • Glasses/coffee mugs;
  • Napkins, paper towels, and dishcloths.

As you begin using your kitchen for cooking, you’ll see the other accessories you need. Pots, pans, a spatula, a whisk, and a mixing bowl should get you started. The more you cook, the more you’ll see you need, but those things can be picked up over time.

BathroomMoving Into a New Apartment

Arguably the most frequently used room in the apartment, your bathroom is also the most overlooked. You don’t need a lot to get this room livable. What you do need, though, is very important! Add these bathroom essentials to your list:

  • Toilet paper and cleaning supplies;
  • Plunger and toilet bowl cleaner;
  • Small trash can;
  • Toothbrush holder;
  • Non-skid bath mat;
  • Towels.

Depending on how much storage room is already there, you might also want to pick up a cabinet or shelves. The bathroom is usually quick and easy to take care of, and you can add style and flair after you move in.


Now, you really get to start bringing in your personality! If you don’t already have a bed, think about getting one that fits your needs and the size of the room.

Minimalistic people can get a simple bed with a mattress, box spring, and frame. But to add more storage space to your home, invest in a platform bed. These have shelves and drawers as part of the frame.

Aside from your bed, the only things you need when you move in are your bed linens, pillows; hangers; a dresser, and a good A/C unit depending on the time of the year, a good A/C unit. Everything else can wait.

Moving Into a New Apartment: Living Room/Dining Room

Are you going to have a lot of company? If not, you don’t need a big couch and love seat or a full dining table. Instead of splurging on furniture, you’re not going to use, get the bare necessities. A fold-up dining table is perfect for one or two people and a small room. A small couch, TV and stand, and a side table are all you need to relax and unwind in the living room.

Use the money you saved by eliminating the non-essentials to make your daily life easier with smart technology. Digital devices can be used everywhere in the home, but the conveniences are visible in the living and dining room.

Devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home connect to your speakers, thermostat, and lights. You can touch a button on your phone or use a voice command to turn everything on and off, even when you’re not home!

What turns smart devices from a want to a need is that they’ll save you money and reduce wasted energy usage. You also get the peace of mind of knowing if someone is at your door, whether you left the stove on, and so much more.

Moving into a new apartment: Conclusion

Moving into your new home doesn’t have to be overly complicated. When you focus on the necessities, you can do it a little at a time without stress. Start with the essentials in this guide to get your apartment move-in ready, then work on the rest as you live there.

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