What Health Mistakes Are You Making? 

Written By Alla Levin
August 27, 2021
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What Health Mistakes Are You Making?

Good health prevents diseases, prolongs your lifespan, and saves you money. This makes it necessary to prioritize your health and overall well-being. However, many people make mistakes that jeopardize their well-being, despite knowing the benefits of good health.

The National Health Council reveals that approximately 40 million Americans can’t do their daily activities due to chronic health conditions. That said, are you making mistakes that affect your health? Please read on to find out. 

Skipping breakfast

You’re making a health mistake if you’re fond of skipping breakfast. You can liken this to driving on a low tank- your vehicle will become slow and break down eventually! According to CNN Health, cutting breakfast increases your risks of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and elevated cholesterol.

You’ll also risk getting obese, so you don’t want to skip breakfast if you’re trying to lose weight. Consequently, please make time to eat breakfast, and be intentional about it. Perhaps your mornings are hectic. In that case, prepare your meal the night before, and try your best to stick to healthy options. 

Exercising too much

Can exercising be done wrongly? Yes, it can! You can harm your well-being when you exercise too much. You know you’re overdoing it when you feel constant fatigue, have trouble sleeping or have injuries. Also, depression, mood swings, anxiety, and stress are signs to look out for.

Eventually, you’d end up losing your motivation and defeat the primary purpose of staying fit. Therefore, you should cut back on your workouts when you experience these symptoms and see your doctor if you still feel tired.

You can also avoid over-exercising by planning your training and engaging in low-impact movements to relax your muscles. You can also walk around the block or the grocery store for your workout routine, especially when you’ve had a high-intensity workout the previous day. 

Not having enough sleep

Your busy schedule or work-life may cause you to lose some sleep. However, it becomes problematic when you skip rest regularly. Not only will you fall sick, but you are also at risk of developing stroke or coronary heart disease.

What’s more, your thinking ability is likely to be reduced, leading to decreased productivity and countless mistakes at work. Therefore, it’s imperative to have enough sleep to reset your body for the next day. As a tip, avoid caffeine before bed and turn off your electronics to prevent distractions. You can also use supplements from credible companies like The CBDistillery for more improved sleep. 

Not talking to someone when you’re worried

Is something stressing you out? It’s not healthy to worry in silence without talking to somebody. You can record high-stress levels, which affects your overall health. Moreover, you can trigger depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions.

Therefore, it’s prudent to reach out to someone when you feel overwhelmed with your current situation. However, it would help if you chose someone you’re comfortable with to help you open up without shame or guilt. You can also consult a psychologist for a more professional approach to dealing with worry. 

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