How to Turn Back Odometer in Modern Cars?

Written By Sam Jones
August 30, 2021

How to Turn Back Odometer in Modern Cars?

The majority of modern vehicles are equipped with high-tech features and impressive specs. Cars have become smarter as more and more parts are relying on computers.

The odometers have changed as well – analog trip meters are now substituted with their digital counterparts. You might believe that it’s a minor change, but, in reality, it has altered the way mileage is counted and recorded.

Digital odometers transfer the data about the distance to the control units in your car. That information is stored there, which means we can access it anytime we want. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to reverse digital odometers.

Clocked cars are still a thing, and they are more common than you might think. People sometimes use the odometer correction tool to change mileage, but it’s better to employ the mileage blocker from What makes this tool better? – we’ll answer that question below.

What makes modern vehicles different from older models?

Modern vehicles are relying on computers more and more. The majority of them use control units to transmit information from one part to another. Digital odometers, too, store mileage in the engine control unit, which means they aren’t a display of kilometers anymore.

For this reason, it’s become harder to change mileage untraceable. The odometer correction tool can’t remove mileage data from all control units, but the mileage blocker from offers undetectable performance.

The odometer adjustment device is software that is capable of reprogramming the mileage. You can rewind or reset the miles, yet it affects the odometer only. In other words, you can easily check the vehicle with diagnostic testers and examine whether the mileage was changed or not.

A mileage blocker is ultimately a different tool. It stops recording mileage in the whole system of the vehicle, making its performance impossible to detect. However, it’s only meant for testing the functionalities of your car. It’s not meant to be used on public roads.

Does the mileage blocker roll back the odometer?

No, it doesn’t, because it doesn’t mess with the existing mileage. As mentioned, it prevents your car from counting and recording the distance it travels. It would help if you always remembered that the mileage blocker from is an ethical tool that should only be used in a controlled environment.

What makes the mileage stopper so useful?

The mileage stopper from has a lot of features that make it useful in daily life. You can utilize it to check the specs of your vehicle or test various functionalities.

The odometer blocker is simple to use

The odometer blocker is extremely simple as it doesn’t have a complicated cell in its body. The majority of its models can be controlled directly from the buttons on the steering wheel, which makes it easy to activate it whenever needed.

You can install the kilometer stopper yourself.

The kilometer stopper from comes with a plug-and-play module. Thanks to the original plug, you can install it yourself without any trouble. You’ll need approximately half an hour to connect it to your vehicle. And the best part is that you’ll be able to use it right away.


It’s not difficult to change mileage on modern cars; however, the odometer correction tool can easily be detected with specific equipment. A mileage blocker is a superior tool, but it’s important to utilize it for testing purposes only.

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