Transport the Car Yourself or Use Professional Vehicle Transportation

Written By Alla Levin
July 04, 2022

Transport the Car Yourself or use Professional Vehicle Transportation

One of the biggest reasons why people decide to use vehicle transportation services rather than transport the car themselves, even though they have the keys and vehicle in possession, is due to better time management, less wear on the car, and reduced risk.

However, there are some benefits to transporting your own vehicle, and today we’ll be discussing the other side of the coin which is car shipping service – shipping a car the DIY way.

The Benefits of Transporting the Car Yourself

Some people decide to transport their own vehicle and actually drive it to their location. This is not transportation but rather a road trip with a plane flight at the end. There are some pluses to that mainly concerned with the time spent traveling, the good times you might have along the way, and the company of people you might bring along might make it a fun and memorable experience.

Besides the experiences you can have along the way, you also have full control over the entire process. Yes, it might take you twice or three times as long to drive the car yourself, however, all throughout the experience you’ll be under control.

You might also go sightseeing along the way – this is something that a few people have the time to do, so it’s basically a luxury. Ask yourself – do you really know what Middle America hides? Care to find out? The benefits of transporting a vehicle yourself are:

  • You have full control over the process;
  • You can choose to travel on safer roads;
  • You control the speed and time of delivery;
  • Great way to see more of the country;
  • You spend valuable time with friends and family;
  • Great opportunity to relax and experience life freely.

Cons of Transporting the Vehicle on your OwnCons of Transporting the Vehicle

However, you still have to drive all the way, which exposes you to the dangers of the road and highway speed as well as the overall danger of driving for a long time.

You are stationary, getting exhausted, and generally fatigued due to the concentration required to drive safely for a long period of time. You also have to buy food, find accommodations, and generally stop frequently along the way.

You also put wear and tear on the vehicle which further reduces the durability of a lot of the parts, like tires, breaks, engine, and generally wear out the vehicle.

While Hollywood tends to romanticize the open road, free spirit culture, the cruel reality is that traveling over a great distance put a strain on your body, mind, and spirit. It can also put a great strain on your budget, especially considering the skyrocket of gas prices since April of 2022. Generally, the cons of transporting a car by yourself are:

  • Costs more than professional services;
  • Riskier for both person and vehicle;
  • Adds wear on tires and moving components on a vehicle;
  • Takes more of your personal time.

Benefits of Using Professional Vehicle Transportation

The benefits of using professional vehicle transportation are that you don’t have to put yourself through all of that. Thanks to services like you are free from the responsibility of driving the car and spending all of that time on the road, alone, or with friends and family.

While being transported onto a flatbed trailer, the car will be stationary, which means no wear on components, and no need to pay for gas, food, or accommodation. With gas prices on the rise, it’s quite inconceivable to actually drive for a long distance unless that’s your professional duty.

When doing the math on the expenses of hiring a professional vehicle transportation service, versus what would cost you to drive the car yourself, you’ll find yourself considering hiring professionals more and more.

While your car is being transported by someone chosen from, you can do something safer and more important. Generally, the benefits of using professional vehicle transportation are:

  • Safer for the vehicle;
  • You save on time and money;
  • Reduced wear and tear on the vehicle;
  • Lower chance of damage to the pain;
  • The best option is with high gas prices.

Why it’s Always Better to Trust a ProfessionalWhy it’s Always Better to Trust a Professional

Professionals do this for a living, meaning that they have the experience, expertise, and capability to do it quicker and safer than you would. Even if you are a professional driver, you still have to put in the time to do DIY, and with a professional car shipping company like you forgo all of that for something better.

Car shipping companies are obliged to have some sort of insurance for the loads they are transferring. This insurance provides you coverage of damages up to $200 000, and in cases of exotic vehicles even more. This means that your car is a lot safer in the hands of true professionals, rather than your own, even though you might be an experienced driver yourself.

Services like these reduce the human-risk factor, which is the factor that determines how risky something is depending on what percentage of people are involved in the entire process. This means that if you are definitely looking for a high-end transportation service, then you’d be looking for one with insurance.


At the end of the day, the choice is yours, people generally choose the more practical choice, however, for a lot of people the DIY way is the best way. If you are not sure how much professional vehicle transportation costs, you can contact for a quick, accurate quiet.

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