What To Do When Your Small Business Isn’t Getting Noticed

Written By Alla Levin
August 30, 2021

What To Do When Your Small Business Isn’t Getting Noticed

Your small business means a lot to you, and you’ve worked hard to get your doors open. However, it’s not always as easy as saying you’re ready to sell and hoping people show up and make a purchase.

It involves you dedicating more time, money, and resources to your marketing efforts. Be glad to know there are actions you can take when your small business isn’t getting noticed to turn your situation around for the better. It won’t be long before you’re getting more attention and growing your business.

Boost Your Presence Online

It will help if you boost your presence online when your business isn’t getting noticed. It’s one of the best places to gain new leads and interact with current customers.

More people are spending time online and on social media, and you must be present. If your business is struggling in this area, then consider working with a company such as WebX360.com that can help you with your website design, Internet marketing, and SEO, to name a few.

Host EventsHost Events

Another way to gain more attention to your small business is to host events yourself. Draw people in and get them interested in what you’re doing by offering webcasts or other online training opportunities and in-person gatherings where you may decide to give away free samples.

Put a face to the company and get people to interact with and learn more about your products or services. Events are not only a great way to meet your customers and engage with them, but you can also use them to collect email addresses so you can begin communicating this way too.

Collect Reviews

Your business may be struggling or not getting noticed because people don’t know what it’s like doing business with you. One way to get them to consider choosing you and using your products or services is to collect reviews from previous customers.

Consumers want to hear about experiences with a business from other consumers and not just the brand itself. Entice current customers to go online and write a review for you, so others see what it’s like working with you and are encouraged to do the same.

Get Out There & Network

Consider putting yourself out there more often and networking when your small business isn’t getting noticed. Maybe it’s because you’re not taking advantage of getting to know the local market and your community.

It may be that you speak at or sponsor a local event or start volunteering more for causes you’re passionate about. Make sure you have an elevator speech ready to go so you can inform people of what it is you do and reasons to check out your products or services and buy from you.


These tips will help you regroup and put your business back out there in a positive light. When you’re not getting noticed, then it’s time to re-evaluate and take action. These ideas will be a good starting point, and you can continue to build momentum from there. 

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