Do You Know What’s Happening In Your Garden?

Written By Alla Levin
August 30, 2021

Do You Know What’s Happening In Your Garden?

What really goes on in your garden? Well, nothing to worry about, of course! But there could be a few things going on out there you don’t know about, especially if you’re not much of a gardening person or if you’ve recently re-turfed the entire place to give it a facelift.

Things take time to settle, after all, which means all manner of things could be hanging out there without you knowing about it. However, you don’t have to stay in the dark for long. You can run a few investigations to figure out what’s happening in your backyard.

The Weeds are Coming Back!

Weeds are prone to growing back, even when you rip them up at the root, and you’re sure you’ve got them. However, they don’t have to stick around forever if you know what weeds you’re dealing with. Weeds grow back at different times of the year, and once you notice when certain types are popping up, you can more effectively remove them.

When pulling up a weed, you’ve got to be sure you’ve got the entire root, so dig down an extra inch, just in case stray roots are still in the soil. Similarly, make sure you dump the removed weeds into a secure container to try and prevent the spread of their seeds to other parts of the garden as you take them away to compost.

What Animals are Visiting?

Most of the creatures and critters that visit our gardens do so during the evening and night hours, which means you’re unlikely to see them. Creatures such as badgers, foxes or hedgehogs, and even frogs, toads, and opossums, can move in during the night and make their home under plant pots, trees, and the porch.

You might notice signs of these animals during the day, but without something like a night vision camcorder, you’ll find it hard to catch sight of them as they scuttle around and look for food. So, set one up on the wall of your house and make sure it’s set to record during the night hours and make sure you don’t freak out when you catch sight of a pair of reflective eyes in the camera!

You Might Be Infringing on Your Neighbor’s Space…

Of course, you share a garden border with your neighbor. Maybe you’ve got neighbors on both sides, or maybe you’re lucky and have an end house that only has one shared fencing panel. Either way, however, you’ve got to be sure you’re not infringing on their garden space.

Now, this can be done in various ways, but the most common is allowing branches from a tree in your garden to dangle down over the other side of a fence. Be sure to cut leaves and branches back every year, especially if you’ve got a fast-growing variety like Willows or Redwoods.

You don’t have to be a professional gardener to know what’s going on on your lawn!

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