Buying a Plane and Saving Money – A Comprehensive Guide

Written By Alla Levin
September 05, 2021

Buying a Plane and Saving Money – A Comprehensive Guide

It might seem counterintuitive to equate saving money with the luxury of flying on a private jet. Even for those well-versed in economics, juxtaposing such luxury against financial prudence can be perplexing.

The allure of owning a private plane extends beyond mere affordability; it symbolizes a pinnacle of success, offering unparalleled comfort and satisfaction.

However, ownership also entails a keen awareness of the aircraft’s depreciation, operational expenses, and fluctuating engine fuel costs.

Moreover, a critical aspect often overlooked is the importance of regular Ground Support Equipment (GSE) maintenance.

Ensuring that the gse maintenance services used are of a high standard not only enhances safety and efficiency but can also significantly reduce long-term operational costs, subtly aligning with the concept of financial wisdom in the realm of private aviation.

Suppose you waltz your way into buying an aircraft without calculating whether or not you will be able to bear these expenses. In that case, you will have difficulty maintaining the class and luxury you expected out of your jet. If you get your plane financed in collaboration with the Aerospace Union, you can save a lot of money. 

Reach Out to a Finance CompanyReach Out to a Finance Company

Investing a big chunk of money all at once is a decision that many of us avoid stepping into. The constant relationship with procrastination starts instantly, and you’d often see yourself saying things like ‘um, probably next month’, ‘I will buy that after I get the profits out of the XYZ business.’

You’d keep on contemplating till you find your friends achieving the same goals you had set for yourself, until that very day when you decide in a hurry. 

If you get in touch with a financing company, you will not have to give up all your cash and assets in one go. Instead, you can take a loan from a company specializing in aviation utilities which acts like a credit card coming from an aviation company.

Although you might have to pay a certain amount of interest along with the principal amount, you would still have a steady cash flow in your account regularly. This plan works pretty well even for big conglomerates, as sustenance is the key! 

Buy at One Go

If you are not worried about the amount of money you put into purchasing an aircraft, then it is always advised to complete the full payment in one go—multiple reasons club into the entire notion of a one-time payment. 

Suppose you lease it or take a loan from a bank, and due to unforeseen circumstances, you fail to pay your installments, the bank or your lender will be able to have a share on your much-loved aircraft.

That is one wrong side of leasing and loaning, and often the process is too long as it takes years to fulfill the loan and ultimately transfer the rights of the airplane to yourself. 

Apart from this, you also get to save tons of money which you would have paid as interest to your lender. Therefore, the best way to save money and bid farewell to all these lingering problems is to purchase the aircraft at one go if it is feasible. 

Lend It to Other PeopleReach Out to a Finance Company

If you have successfully signed a deal with the airplane manufacturer and fully possess the aircraft, you can also lend it to others. If you do not need to use your private jet at all times, you can also become a lender and let other people use the plane on a contractual basis. 

This will help you keep your aircraft in working condition and get you some quick money. This can even turn out to be a great business model if you continue doing this for a long time.

After a certain point of time, you are bound to have heavy returns on your lending service to the extent that you might be able to recover the entire cost price of the jet. 

Buying a plane: conclusion

There are always two sides to investment, and you must keep yourself open to all the options you can get to save those extra bucks. There are multiple ways in which you can save a fat cheque from going down into dust, and so you must make sure that you use them to the fullest. 

Being an owner of a fine-looking personal jet will always make you feel on top of the world, but it never stops there. If you want to make sure that you are smart with where you put your money, you should always find a way to enrich whatever money you have in your bank account. 

Often, people accumulate a lot of wealth and then put everything for a toss and eventually in a standstill, after which there is nothing that you can do to increase the amount you have. 

The feeling that the wealth that you possess is limited and not open to expansion is a reason enough to start looking for investment options and plan smartly. So, are you ready to buy your first ever aircraft?

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