The Most Popular DSLR for the Travelers

Written By Alla Levin
September 05, 2021

The Most Popular DSLR for the Travelers

There are many powerful and affordable DSLR cameras available that are perfect for photography. However, if you are a serious travel photographer, then we suggest you consider the Canon T7i and Canon SL3. Why do we suggest these Canon devices? Let’s discuss it here.

Canon T7i and Canon SL3: Most Popular DSLR for the Travelers DSLR for the Travelers

Canon T7i – Perfect for Travel Photography: Picture Quality

The T7i is built with an incredible 24.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor. It captures amazing images with depth and beauty. The device lets you click immense quality photos plus record video in any lighting situation because Canon T7i has 25600 ISO.

In addition, the T7i is packed with a DIGIC 7 processor that gives you the fastest operation plus creates quality images. The processor ensures you get sharp, lifelike images with low noise.

However, the CMOS sensor’s combination, known as the best sensor, plus the DIGIC 7 processor, Canon T7i, will deliver you incredible picture quality.

Auto Focus

The Canon T7i device ensures you never miss any moment since the DSLR offers 45-points autofocus, including 6 fps continuous shooting speed.

This camera has an optical viewfinder that lets you see exactly what the lens sees. While its 45-points focus ensures you can capture a speedy subject in the frame. You can get what you want since the device is equipped with virtually no lag feature. Anyhow, the focus points may vary depending on the lens you are using.

Image Stabilization

If you capture a shaky image or video, obviously, it would be hard to watch. But Canon T7i will reduce the blurring effect of the camera plus deliver you the smooth result. Moreover, it has in-body image stabilization, so even if the camera or lens shakes while capturing, you will get smooth images with every click.

LCD Screen

Canon EOS T7i features a Vari-angle 3-inches touch screen, and it gives you a clear view when in extreme lights or under sunlight. In addition, you can tap anywhere on the screen while taking photos or videos to add manual focus points. Also, the monitor is flexible so that you can capture tricky shots effortlessly.

Wireless Connectivity

This Canon device is designed with Wifi, Bluetooth, and NFC sharing capability, which lets the user exchange data fastest and easiest. For example, when your Canon device is connected to wifi, you can directly share images to social media or Canon’s community websites.

On the other side, NFC lets you share data instantly with other electronic devices, and BT enables you to control the camera from your smartphone remotely.

Size & Weight

This device is effortless to hold plus carry. It measures only 3 x 5.2 x 3.9 inches, and this camera is 1.18 lbs. Canon is compact, as well as a lightweight camera which is very handy for travelers. SO you can consider getting this device for yourself.

Canon SL3 – The Affordable Choices: Picture Quality

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 can have a high-quality 24.1 Megapixel resolution, including a CMOS sensor. This allows you to capture high-resolution images, also record 4K video. Furthermore, the CMOS sensor enables the user to capture photos with details, rich color in any lighting as it is equipped with a 25600 ISO range.

On the other hand, Canon SL3 combines with DIGIC 8 Image Processor. It gives you the fastest operation, as well as offers the best quality images. The DIGIC 8 is considered the best processor in the industry as it provides you a lifelike, detailed, sharp image.

Auto Focus

The Canon SL3 is integrated with a fully optical viewfinder with 9-points autofocus. The AF system is designed to provide a sharp focus image instantly. Also, you can capture any fastest subject in a bright light environment. Also, it has a 5 fps continuous shooting speed.

LCD Screen

Canon SL3 is designed with a 2-inches touchscreen Vari-angle screen. Therefore, it’s an ideal screen for reviewing or composing photos. Moreover, you can access the settings functions instantly with your fingertips on this device.

However, when you need to capture some tricky shots, this Vari-angle screen comes in handy as you can rotate it in any direction. You can also capture high-quality selfie shots effortlessly with this device. Moreover, its anti-reflective screen allows seeing each setting or feature comfortably while under sunlight.

Wireless Connectivity

It has Wifi and Bluetooth capability so that you can instantly share files with other connected devices. When the device is connected to wifi, the camera can transfer data to social media like Facebook or Twitter. Also, you can upload images to the Canon Image Gateway. Besides, the Bluetooth capability lets you remotely control the device from your smartphone.

Size & WeightPopular DSLR for the Travelers

The Canon Sl3 is the smallest and lightest camera which is very convenient to carry. This device has a rounded grip thus, it comfortably sits in your hand. The dimensions of this device are 2.7 x 4.8 x 3.6 inches, while it is 2.17 pounds.


Canon is equipped with a limited one-year warranty from the date you get it. Also, the device is water and dust-resistant. So you don’t need to worry about little water or dust. Anyhow, the one-year warranty period covers any manufacturer defects. Check the comparison of Canon T7i and SL3 at Canon T7i vs SL3

DSLR for the travelers: final thought

If you research, you would find there are many travel-friendly DSLRs available on the market. But the Canon T7i and SL3 two are the best options. Furthermore, these two are combined with high-end functions, so we highly suggest you choose either.

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