How do I Sell Merchandise During the Holiday Season?

Written By Alla Levin
September 10, 2021

How do I Sell Merchandise During the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is an important time to create a big spike in sales. If you want to do this right, the preparation starts now. Around the holidays is the biggest shopping season. This increases the chance that your merchandise aimed at the holiday season will be successful.

With your Christmas merchandise, you can build a dose of customer experience. Whether you have your own restaurant or a webshop, merchandise is interesting for every business! But how do you win fans with Christmas merchandise?

And how do you make your merchandise interesting for sales? What examples are there of Christmas merchandise? Read some tips and tricks here.

Find a connection with your business

The most important thing is that the customer recognizes your brand or organization in the merchandise. This is how you find the connection with your business.

You want the logo to be subtle but recognizable. In addition, it is also good to look at the quality of the merchandise. Do you sell luxury goods? Then, of course, you don’t want to use cheap materials. 

Various examples of Christmas merchandise: Designing trendy Christmas cardsDesigning trendy Christmas cards

Many people still like to send traditional and handwritten Christmas cards. And preferably original cards. To do this, have your own Christmas card designed.

Take a good look at the current trends. For example, you can print sustainable Christmas cards (translation: kerstkaarten drukken in Dutch) or Christmas cards with a gold foil finish.

Christmas posters with funny Christmas quotes

Christmas posters are becoming increasingly popular. You can quickly make a room cozy and warm with them. Think of a poster with a beautiful winter print or a funny Christmas quote. The advantage of poster printing (translation: posters drukken in Dutch) is relatively inexpensive. The sales price is much higher, so you can earn a nice margin.

Ugly Christmas sweaters

It is nice to see your customers walking around in Ugly Christmas sweaters with your logo on them. The uglier the sweater, the more the consumer likes it. Ugly Christmas sweaters are super popular to wear at Christmas parties and dinners.

Many pictures are taken and shared on social media. An easy way to reach (new) customers! Are you ready to strengthen your brand awareness and image with Christmas merchandise? Good luck!

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