6 Film Distribution Strategies You Need to Know

Written By Alla Levin
September 23, 2021

6 Film Distribution Strategies You Need to Know

In the world of filmmaking, it all boils down to knowing what you want to accomplish and how to sell your film without breaking the bank. Strategies for releasing your movie can be linked to various goals; however, the critical component is keeping the distribution and marketing as simple as possible. There is no one-size-fits-all model for a film’s entry onto the big screen, and yet, there are ways in which planning your movie’s release is what sets you apart.

It’s no secret that filmmakers and directors develop meaning in their stories that we, the public, experience on screen. But to create the sense behind their magic, we must look at the simple techniques that help translate the audience’s reactions to every film.

Simple Film Strategies Worth Knowing About

Drawing from my experience in the film industry, the intricate dance between film distribution strategies and effective film marketing techniques has been a defining aspect of navigating the challenging terrain of bringing a cinematic creation to its audience. Witnessing firsthand the impact of strategic release timing, where the alignment with market trends and audience preferences can transform a movie’s trajectory, underscores the significance of astute distribution planning.

Moreover, actively engaging in the implementation of targeted promotional campaigns, utilizing social media platforms, and collaborating with influencers has provided insights into the nuanced art of building anticipation and cultivating a dedicated fanbase. This amalgamation of practical experience reinforces the understanding that a successful film distribution strategy, complemented by adept film marketing techniques, is not merely a formula for financial success but a testament to the art of storytelling finding its rightful audience in the ever-evolving landscape of cinema.

Individuals who love to attend first-time screenings of independent or big-budget films understand that the process behind the scenes can be enormous or it can be uncomplicated. Here are the simple film strategies you need to know about:

Be specific with your marketing and distribution methodsmarketing and distribution methods

If the film is an adaptation story from a book, consider using your unique vision to separate your film from the rest of the pack. There’s so much movie noise that befalls the industry before release that if you have an outlined goal of both your marketing and distribution while incorporating your style, you’ll certainly win the hearts of audiences worldwide with the launch of your movie premier.

Having solid Goals is the key to your success

Knowing your goals needs to be a priority. Every project will demand different strategies; however, outlining the main objective is rule number one. Are you able and ready to repay investors? Hiring the proper personnel to bring your story to life can answer simple questions when the goal-setting process becomes a reality.

Marketing Tactics

  • Plan to reach your targeted audience;
  • Creative thinking on what your audience wants;
  • Bring on outside influencers to reach your audience.

Every project requires a new formula, especially if your film spans genres you’ve previously not taken on. Creative output means creative input.

When you’re marketing your movie to industry giants and worldwide audiences, you need to have a plan on how to reach them best. Is social media your primary source? Does your target audience live in environments that cater to smaller venues, and how can you get them? What about film festivals?

Your Budget6 Film Distribution Strategies You Need to Know

Keeping simplicity in mind, a common-sense budget is a high priority in your distribution strategy. The production budget needs to work into your overall budget.

Analyzing your budgeting methods will go a long way towards achieving your marketing efforts without wasting too much energy. It also shows investors that you care about prioritizing strategies within the distribution of your film. All implementation of the film budgeting process has to include the choices of which methods are a priority and which ones can be left for another day.

Your Audience

So why are you adapting to film a story that makes your heart sing? Your audience wants to know, and your audience wants to feel the same reaction you do when watching your newly released film.

Targeting an audience is part of the big picture. You have to know your audience and where they get their information relating to media and promotional ads. You also need to understand how your audience will support your efforts and their types of engagement to be attracted to your movie output.

Bring on organizations to help promoteleading film distribution platforms

Based on the previous step, if you know where your target audience gathers their information and entertainment environments, make it a point early in your filmmaking process to elicit promotional tools from these individuals or organizations. Always think in terms of what you can offer them versus what audiences can give you.

The more you can engage organizations to support your efforts with the film’s service to benefit their members and the lives of the organization as a whole, the more these people will promote your movie to their direct audiences.

The leading film distribution platforms can be broken down into five separate categories–all with their level of marketing:

  • Self-streaming;
  • Self-distribution;
  • Streaming platforms;
  • Film festivals;
  • Distribution companies.

Each of the above can bring your film to life. Maybe you’re considering an independent movie, or you have an idea that’s brewing, and you’re not sure which strategic route to take. The film distribution categories can give you a better sense of where your film belongs and how to budget for it if a release date is imminent.

Film Distribution Strategies: In Summary

The mere fact you’re considering bringing your story to the big screen is a massive undertaking for any new filmmaker or director. Have a sense of your budget, your marketing strategy, your audience, and who will be influential in getting the word out. It often takes a village; however, maintaining simplicity throughout the process will help your energy, pocketbook, and investors’ inquiries.

Think smartly. Think of affordability. Think of success.

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