Benefits of Getting an iPhone for Your Next Upgrade

Written By Alla Levin
September 29, 2021
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Benefits of Getting an iPhone for Your Next Upgrade

Have you been wondering what smartphone you should invest in next? With a plethora of options on the market, finding the right phone for you can be a difficult choice to make. This article is for anyone debating an iPhone to discuss some of its benefits. 


iPhones use powerful features, boasting faster loading times than most smartphones and fewer glitches. Apple spends a lot of time creating its CPUs, which are not used for anything else.

This means that they are tailored specifically to benefit the functioning of the iPhone and puts them way ahead of the competition, as opposed to being generic like others on the market.

iPhone also has complete control over the chips, unlike other manufacturers who limit themselves to sell at a reasonable cost to other companies, which means they again invest in the best technology possible and boast a much higher performing cache, with a 4-8 MB, as opposed to the normal 1-2 you would see on the market. 

User friendlyGetting an iPhone

The iPhone is considered extremely simple to learn and to use and has not changed much since 2008. This means with each new release, and users do not have to learn a new interface.

Apple has full control over its software and hardware design, so it is easy to put the users first and create a seamless experience. It has been reported that most users, once they have an iPhone, tend to stick with it and stay loyal to Apple due to its ease and convenience. 


One of the most important benefits that the iPhone boasts is its security features. While most users use their smartphones to access their accounts, such as social media platforms, email, and bank accounts, and with the increase in security breaches, malicious malware, and phishing attacks, security should be one of the most important aspects users look at for in a smartphone.

iPhones not only have a range of options to secure someone getting onto your device, such as fingerprint scanner or facial recognition, but Apple regularly updates iOS devices directly to have full control over any breaches because it makes it easier to become aware of them, contain them, and disinfect them. This feature is not something other smartphone manufacturers can do.

iPhone encryptions are so secure that even the FBI has said that their security makes it hard for them to obtain details from iPhones to help with criminal cases. You can also update iOS on your iPhone device whenever you want to, which gives users a lot more control and has boasted a much more effective way to get users to update their device and keep it secure, over other methods that manufacturers such as Android use. 

Accessibility FBI has said that

iPhones are known for their excellent accessibility features. These are integrated into each iPhone device and are always being updated to suit individual needs. One of the main accessibility features an iPhone has is the voiceover.

This enables users to have the smart device read the screen to them (including all elements, buttons, links, and icons) and programmed gestures to navigate the iPhone easily and efficiently. iPhones also have larger text sizes, zoom, black on the white, dim screen, and more. 

Easily repaired 

iPhones are extremely popular, and as mentioned above, have not changed much in over a decade. This means that there are plenty of iPhone repair services, who specialize in high-quality and efficient fixes. If in the unfortunate event you were to damage your iPhone, you will be able to get any of the following repairs:

  • Backglass repair or replacement
  • Front screen repair or replacement
  • Data recovery 
  • Battery replacement 
  • Water damage repair
  • Charge port repair and replacement 

And many more. 

Continuity Benefits of Getting an iPhone for Your Next Upgrade

Although each Apple product, such as an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iPod, etc., is all individual, they do an excellent job seamlessly working together. You can sync your devices together and share photos, videos, and files across them all.

You can also access all your notes, and even if you are halfway through one and want to switch devices, Apple offers a Handoff feature whereby you can hand the notes or the document you are working on seamlessly to the other device so you can quickly pick it up and continue to work on it.

You can also send and receive messages and use applications such as FaceTime across your devices. All devices sync to an application called iCloud, which keeps everything in sync, with quick access to and backed up. 


iPhones are known to keep their value for a long time and are much easier to sell when you think of purchasing an upgrade. This is mainly because Apple continues to look after all devices and enable the older generation phones to keep getting the relevant iOS updates to keep it up to date and secure.

This unique Apple feature enables users to resell their iPhones at a much higher value than other devices can. Apple also releases new technology once per year, so devices are not quickly being buried by new technology and can hold their resale value better. 

Family sharing features 

If your whole family has iPhones, you can take advantage of their family sharing feature. This feature allows you to share your purchases, such as those from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store, with up to six other people, saving a lot of money if you have children.

It also lets you keep an eye on the things your children are trying to purchase on the App store by notifying you. Other features allow you to share calendars, photo albums, and locations with family members. 

When you really dive into the hardware, software, and features of an iPhone, you learn that you are getting a significant amount of quality for your money. Will you be choosing an iPhone for your next purchase? 

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