What Does the Bible Say About Eagles?    

Written By Alla Levin
September 29, 2021
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What Does the Bible Say About Eagles?

The Eagle bird species appears quite often in the Bible. Some Bible verses about Eagles refer to this bird symbolically. Verses in which an Eagle represents God’s disciples aim to impart essential teachings that allow you to lead a holy life when you practice.

Like the Eagle, your Creator displays immense strength and a protective attitude for His disciples. Even in trying conditions, God reigns supreme over nature and all it holds. Eagles, too, represent supremacy as when storms hit, they fly far above to evade its destructive powers.

Eagle Analogies in the Bible

Majestic Eagles are very attentive to their young similar to how the Almighty keeps all His children under His loving care. Particularly in the Old Testament, you will come across powerful Bible verses about Eagles.

Every biblical Eagle analogy conveys a profound message for you as a Christian. Below are some of the pertinent takeaways that apply to you as a follower of Christ:

What does the Bible say about eagles: Know That God is in ControlWhat does the Bible say about eagles

Like an Eagle who depends on big gusts of wind to soar up, it is your belief in a Supreme Power that propels you further. Without the presence of the Holy Spirit, you cannot accomplish your goals.

It is the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through you that help you achieve God’s plans. Your power is limited and weak, while the Good Lord displays absolute and pure control over every aspect of your life.

Your Creator has a divine plan for you, and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your path takes you closer to your purpose. Putting your faith in the Lord’s loving hands, like the Eagle blindly relies on the wind, takes you to heights greater than you can imagine.

Preach the Good News

Use the accuracy with which Eagles swoop on their prey, whether in water or on land, as a motivator to spread God’s kingdom. You can acquaint those in your circle of friends or strangers with the Savior by sharing your testimony. His sacrifice for your sins should not go in vain but save deserving others too.

Every disciple of Christ is special, and even at times, if you feel alone, you never are as your Heavenly Father is always accompanying you. Although Eagles mate for life, you always spot them flying solo in the skies above.

Live an Earthly Life While Holding On To Your Biblical Principles

Like Eagles who, for the most part, live on higher ground, your Christian beliefs must keep you uncorrupted from worldly vices. Allow the Lord to empower you to proclaim His ministry during your earthly life. Stay rooted in your biblical principles so you can maintain your high ground despite the many temptations around.

What does the Bible say about eagles: Have No Fear

Bible verses enlighten you on the courageousness of mighty Eagles. Knowing you have the strong backing of Christ, you have no reason to fear demonic spirits. Put on the armor of the Lord and cast away all the demons you encounter along life’s journey. Fearlessly execute the will of your Heavenly Father against all odds.

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