Two Tips To Pick A Mobile Case

Written By Alla Levin
September 29, 2021

Two Tips To Pick A Mobile Case

For people who have invested a lot of money in buying their dream phone, we understand your specific concerns regarding optimizing the aspect of protection for your mobile phone. Because we know that you have been let down before, if you search for the best phone cases, you might want to consider certain points of concern that will help delineate which option will be the best for you.

Classic Leather Cases For Optimized Shock-Absorbant Quality

Almost all of us have had to face the unpleasant event of cracking open the entire screen just because the corners of our phones were not shielded from possible physical damage. Most people are still unaware that just a screen guard with a plastic cover does not ensure protection. There is definitely more you can do if you choose to walk the extra mile. 

When it comes to ordinary standards of protection, strategic places such as the corners are usually not protected. However, we are not simply saying it without reason. You will soon know why. 

Shock-absorbent quality is very much related to the degree of neutralizing the impact of a fall. Plastic cases that most people use are mostly useless after the first fall since they often break. This is because most plastic cases do not possess the cushioning effect that a leather case abundantly has. 

There can be other cases except for leather that can make up for the shock-absorbent quality you are likely interested in. Silicone and rubber cases are perfect examples of this. 

Whenever an object falls from a height, potential energy converts into kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is directly proportional to the speed of the falling object. In real-time space, the kinetic energy of the falling object before almost hitting the ground is the highest. 

This means that the velocity of the falling object is the highest just before it hits the ground. Leather cases and their cushion effect helps to reduce the momentum of the object, and thus, there is almost a negligible chance that the phone will be hurt at all. 

Do Your Working Conditions Define Which Case To Choose? Yes.  Pick A Mobile Case

By the time you reach the second half of this article, you have already established that leather cases offer a perfect case regarding the degree of protection. However, if you take a pragmatic approach, you will soon realize that there might be other kinds of phone cases that you might want to give a try. 

Let’s say your job position requires you to work at a desk, and you hardly have to go to an on-site location to conduct your work. In such cases, you can opt for a lightweight phone case. 

Silicone is an excellent example of this. Even if you end up dropping your phone, the maximum damage that such a fall could do is a minor scratch here or there. 

However, if your job position entails you working in a labor-intensive environment such as a construction site, you might as well go for a heavily armored phone case to ensure maximum protection against accidents. 

Some of the available phone cases in the market currently also have water-resistant and/or water-repellent features. This goes to say that your phone device will be able to resist any damage that may fall upon them. While many types are available, some of the best-selling ones are the following. 

Pick A Mobile Case: Flip Cases

Flip cases have been our favorite for a long time now. Even if it might come off as a bit old-fashioned, it still tops our charts till today. Gritleather, a premium leather phone cases manufacturer, brings to you some of the fanciest, hard-to-resist flip cases.

We call it one of the best because of the full coverage that it provides, especially because of how beautifully they cover the round edges of your phone. 

In addition to this, they are an excellent example of how to maintain the natural shine of your phone exterior away from UV rays of the Sun, dirt, and whatnot. Some of the new variants also have special pockets installed in their cases for easy access to traveling cards, IDs, among other things. It certainly adds to its utilitarian aspect. 

Pick A Mobile Case: Back Cover Cases

Back cover cases are basically silicone cases. It is monochromatic, which is why these are the absolute favorites for our minimalistic friends. Apart from this, they usually come in different colors and have no imprint on the exterior side. However, the inner side of the case has a soft bed for your phone to rest upon. Rest assured, the phone corners of your phone will be secured without a doubt. 

Pouch Casespick a mobile case

Pouch cases present an excellent case of 100 percent security. Its padded exterior goes a long way when it comes to securing your phone device from any incoming shock. They cover the phone from almost all sides. Do not fret over the fact that you might not be able to hear your phone ring. It has holes through which you can easily hear the phone ring.

Pick a mobile case: conclusion

Make sure that you do not just opt for the first case that you see. Carry this as a blueprint and get the best phone case for your phone today. 

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