Easy Ways To Make Instagram Photos Beautiful

Written By Alla Levin
October 03, 2021
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6 Amazing And Easy Ways To Make Your Instagram Photos Beautiful

Forget about that expensive photography degree or the even more expensive camera setup. All you need to do to blow your followers out of the water is some clever tips and tricks. 

Yes, our easy ways to make your Instagram photos beautiful will get followers to flock to your feed, and they will start sharing your works of art in no time. If you want to get some likes and followers, then you buy Instagram Followers and Likes from iDigic for faster growth.

Number 1: Avoid the flash and always start with natural light

Before using one of the 10 popular selfie poses for girls, you must check whether the surrounding lighting will be good enough for that unique Instagram selfie. We recommend that you try and avoid using your phone’s flash. The flash will only flatten your photo, robbing it of any depth. Not only that, but the flash will also wash your subject with ugly, flat white tones. Lighting, and natural lighting at that, is the absolute foundation of any good photograph. It creates richer and brighter photos. How do you avoid using the flash?

Try to take photos near windows, or even well-lit rooms, especially if you cannot take photos outdoors. Try to find ambient light sources, such as store windows and street lights, to avoid flash at night.

Number 2: Pay attention to the rule of thirdsmake Instagram photos beautiful

You may not have heard about the rule of thirds in photography. This critical rule is a secret weapon that every professional photographer employs to make their shots look out of this world. 

This secret weapon is a composition guide that helps you place your subject in the perfect place. The rule of thirds places your subject in either the image’s third left or third right part. Doing this leaves the other two-thirds of the photo open. 

While not every fantastic photo uses this rule, it is a great foundation that ups the quality of almost all photos. You don’t need to be a photographic genius to use this rule and get some of the best results.

Number 3: Understand the power of the photo mode

Now that you understand how to use good lighting and even set up a proper composition using the rule of thirds, it is time to get a bit more technical. Every Instagrammer knows that their phone has several photo modes. Yet, few DIY photographers know which photo mode is the best for Instagram. Knowing which photo mode to use can either make or break your photo.

The best photo mode for taking Instagram photos in portrait mode. This mode focuses on the subject and creates a bokeh, or depth of field, effect in the background. By creating this effect, the viewer’s eyes are naturally drawn to the highlighted subject. Now, portrait mode only works in well-lit areas. It is also not very good for taking fast-paced action shots, as the camera needs a bit of time to focus on the subject.  

Pro tip: Always try to take photos in live mode for Apple, or burst mode for Android, even when in portrait mode. This feature quickly gives you ten or more photos to play around with.

Number 4: Time to edit that beautiful photo for Instagram

You’ve almost created that Instagram scroll-stopping photo. Our next step is to edit the photo. Yes, no matter how well you’ve planned your photo, you still need to perform some minor adjustments to make it look even better.

You can brighten up the image with some of the most popular editing apps. Remember to add some saturation to create a more vibrant-looking photo. Or, if you are aiming for a darker, moodier feel, desaturate the photo for a noir-inspired image.

The main thing to remember is that you should never over-edit a photo. Over-editing is a thing that plenty of new Instagram users are fond of doing. They add a blur, haphazardly sharpen the image and mess about with the contrast. Doing this only ends up making the photo look fake and ugly. Could you not do it?

Number 5: Time to think outside of the box with props

So, you’ve mastered taking fantastic, share-worthy, and trendy Instagram photos. We aren’t done yet, though. There are still a couple of things that you could do to make your Instagram photo influencer-worthy.

Adding props is one of the easiest ways to make your selfies look more fun. Props are also great if you plan on taking some product shots

That trendy Starbucks coffee will look good on a plate with cookies or even next to your laptop. Hold a hat or balloon when taking a selfie to create something unique and filled with personality. While a lot of effort should go into composition, lighting, and technical details, the other half of your efforts should go into the creative aspects of photography.

Number 6: Don’t forget your backgroundMake Instagram Photos Beautiful

We hope that you didn’t forget about your background. Even if you don’t have any props, a creative background can still help to add some much-needed personality to your photos. 

Whether you live in a bustling city or a sleepy town surrounded by nature, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate the perfect background into your Instagram photos. 

A wall spray-painted with graffiti or street art will show your followers how modern and trendy you are. At the same time, a green forest background will turn them green with jealousy. 

Make Instagram Photos Beautiful: The final shot

There you have it. Six effortless ways to make any Instagram photo beautiful. So, whether you want to capture that perfect product shot or aim to dazzle followers with your smile, following our tips will undoubtedly improve the quality of your Instagram photos.

Remember, consistency is vital. If you’ve done it once, these habits will become second nature to you, and who knows, perhaps you will one day soon become an Instagram influencer. When you do, remember to mention us.

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