Should You Buy a Tactical Dog Harness with a Handle?

Written By Alla Levin
October 08, 2021

Should You Buy a Tactical Dog Harness with a Handle?

Tactical dog harnesses are no longer dedicated to military and service breeds. You can choose to invest in a tactical dog harness with handle for added security and comfortability for your pet.

There are many types of pet harnesses available in the market. Choosing the correct one for your furry friend can be pretty challenging. There are many advanced features and functionalities that you may find in a tactical dog harness. Read on to know how a dog harness with a handle can help you manage your pet better.

What is a Tactical Dog Harness and How Does it Work?

A tactical dog harness is a piece of special equipment that not only protects your pet but also gives you complete control to manage them outdoors.

These harnesses are an ideal choice when you indulge in outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, or camping journeys. These vests come with a waterproof layer to protect your four-legged friend in severe climatic conditions.

The harness wraps around your pet’s ribcage and chest area. So, unlike a leash and collar, they spread the pressure evenly across the entire body of your dog.

Dogs that are aggressive and hyperactive tend to escape from a single belt leash quickly. A harness is the best choice in such situations.

By adding a harness to your pet’s collar, you can also save your pet from injuring its neck. Large dog breeds need a tactical dog harness with a handle made of heavy-duty material and thicker straps.

Which Dogs Can Wear Tactical Dog Harnesses?

If you are unsure if a tactical dog harness is suitable for your furry friend, read on to know which breeds can comfortably wear this protective vest.

All Large Breeds: If you own a German Shepard or an American Stafford, then buying a premium quality tactical dog harness can help control them outdoors.

Military Dogs: Police tags carry special protection equipment for security purposes. Hence, a tactical vest with extra pockets is an ideal choice for this breed.

Special Service Dogs: Pets that go along with physically impaired people need to carry medical supplies and healthcare tools. Using a tactical dog harness with a handle can help them to move around safely.

Hunting and Outdoor Companions: If your pet is fond of hiking and adventurous sports, using a tactical dog vest is imperative. With this sturdy vest, you can train and protect your friend in dangerous situations. Similarly, your pet can carry hunting tools when you go to forests and hunting purposes.

Why Should You Choose a Tactical Dog Vest with a Handle?

A handle in a dog harness is one of the essential features you must check while buying one. A top-quality handle will come with a water-resistant covering that can help to control and hold your canine friend while crossing rough terrains.

You should check the material of the handle fabric for good stitches on the seam. It will then withstand wear and tear in extreme weather conditions.

Buy a Tactical Dog Harness: Final Words

A tactical dog harness comes with advanced features like adjustable straps, additional pockets, and a sturdy handle. It would help if you chose a vest made with lightweight material which can carry heavy loads. It should be durable and fit your pet perfectly.

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