How to Fall in Love with Food Again

Written By Alla Levin
October 16, 2021

How to Fall in Love with Food Again

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when food wasn’t something that made you happy? When does the thought of eating make you feel sick or anxious? If so, then this blog post is for you. Down below, you’ll find out how to get your love back and enjoy food like never before!

Make food a social activity

Food isn’t something that you should be shying away from, but instead, embrace it with open arms! So why not get back into the social aspect of eating?

Invite your friends over for dinner one night a week, prepare some delicious meals together and have fun while doing it or order a charcuterie-style packaged snacks from a Graze Craze franchise instead of isolating yourself at home by eating alone every day after work. You’ll soon find that this new habit will make you fall in love with food again as well as bring happiness back to your life!

If having people over for dinner isn’t your thing, try going out to eat once a week with friends instead. Pubs are pretty social, so why not go out for some of the Good Pub Food County Durham is known for?

This is an excellent way to get surrounded by good food and company without the pressure of cooking it yourself! Food doesn’t have to be something you’re anxious about or afraid of anymore.

With this newfound love that will grow from here on in, you’ll know exactly how to fall back in love with food again! However, if you feel like you need an extra helping hand, you can also get some eating disorder help to get you to a point where you’re looking forward to indulging in food again.

How to fall in love with food: don’t eat foods you don’t likeHow to fall in love with food

This is a biggie. It can be very easy to have an open mind when it comes to food, but often we’re stuck in the mindset of “if you don’t like something, then at least try it.” This isn’t true! If there’s a food that you absolutely despise and will never be able to bring yourself to eat, then do not force yourself into eating it. You’ll only end up feeling worse about your lack of love for certain foods instead of gaining any enjoyment from them whatsoever!

Instead, focus on expanding what types of foods you enjoy and slowly working towards loving everything else too. Before long, the thought of eating chocolate ice cream or having pancakes with maple syrup will make you fall back in love with food all over again.

Experiment with different cooking techniques

You might love to cook, or you might hate it. Either way, don’t be afraid to experiment with different cooking techniques and recipes when trying to learn how to fall in love with food again! 

If you know what foods you enjoy eating already, why not take them up another notch by learning how to prepare them yourself? There are so many fun ways that can help bring out more flavor without adding too much salt or sugar which is important if you want to get back into loving what’s on your plate again!

Make your meals look good

This is an essential step in learning how to fall back in love with food. When you’re making your meals, try to make them look as pretty and appetizing as possible! Even if you don’t think that they taste the best (which we know they will), at least make sure that they look worthy of eating before sending them off into the world or taking a photo for Instagram!

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