Turn Your Love Of Fitness Into A Real Career

Written By Alla Levin
October 16, 2021
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Turn Your Love Of Fitness Into A Real Career

Do you have a real love for and commitment to fitness? Have you been thinking about making a career change? If that’s the case, then get your personal trainer certification so those two worlds could collide to offer you a career that is engaging, fulfilling, and pretty lucrative. People are willing to pay to get the help they need to transform their body and their life. Here are a few ways that you can get in on that action.

Strength and conditioning coach

If you happen to love sports or athleticism as much as you love health, then working with athletes and sportspeople could be the perfect way to make use of your passion. Most strength and conditioning coaches, also known as athletic trainers, work with athletes. Still, it can also involve working with others who need to be on top forms, such as firefighters, people in the military, and much more. It involves not just physical training but also programs to prevent injuries or rehabilitate injured individuals.

Personal trainer

The lines between strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers can seem to blur at times. Personal trainers typically take a more personal approach, as the name suggests, to help all manner of people reach their health and fitness goals.

A lot of training, such as getting a personal trainer certification online, is required, as the job typically includes not just helping people through training regimens but creating nutrition plans and helping to manage their motivation, as well. When it comes to helping transform the lives of individual people and assisting them in bringing out their best, few offer that satisfaction, like working as a personal trainer.

Turn Love of Fitness Into a Real Career: Gym owner

If you can raise the capital and you know enough about the gym, fitness, and the kind of equipment that you need, then opening your own could be very lucrative, indeed, aside from some fitness training or industry experience (usually gained by working in gyms) you also need to develop the right business acumen.

Taking a business skills course could help you get behind the wheel of running your own gym. If you’re successful enough, you can follow the greatest gyms’ model and start opening a chain in different locations.

Registered dietician

If you take nutrition seriously and want to pursue that knowledge to its highest level, you could become an accredited dietician. A common saying is that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. Still, a dietician is a protected term, meaning that it requires training, including a bachelor in science of nutrition, and passing the National Dietician Registration exam, to call yourself one.

Once you do, however, you can help develop wellness programs for both individuals and organizations, working with the best in the industry to apply your knowledge to health and fitness goals.

The health and fitness industry has some pretty high standards. You need to make sure that you’re fully committed before you jump in. However, if you are, there is always room for new trainers, coaches, and other fitness-minded individuals.

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