Startup Spending Guide: Where To Spend Money

Written By Alla Levin
October 21, 2021

Startup Spending Guide: Where To Spend Money

Starting a business is exhilarating — indeed, for many first-timers, it can be a bit like flying by the seat of your pants. However, flying by the seat of your pants is neither the optimal flight mode nor the right business model.

One of the things many newbie entrepreneurs struggle with is investing in the right resources. You have to spend money to make money in the business world, but spending wisely is the key. In this brief article, we’ll cover some of the resources and services that can help your startup become a lasting success, and learn some ways startup entrepreneurs can go green.

Information Systems

Data is the most valuable resource your business has. Of course, you know you need a capable computer system and IT infrastructure to compete in business these days. Indeed, many established small businesses are currently undergoing digital transformation to optimize their information systems. Implementing a machine learning framework is part of that process for many companies.

Machine learning frameworks enable various types of machine-learning processes, including powering automation and IoT. With the right machine-learning tools, you can create neural networks for deep learning, which you can use to enhance both your physical and digital security architectures.

One of the main uses for machine learning in business is collecting customer data and using artificial intelligence and automation to initiate analytics projects. Of course, when dealing with sensitive information, you have to worry about your company’s vulnerability to cyberattacks. That’s why you need a robust cyber defense system to protect your information systems.


With so many looming cyber threats, security awareness is vital to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your information technology systems. It’s a good idea to prioritize IT security, especially data protection. The last thing you want is hackers getting hold of your customers’ personal information.

Most startups don’t have large enough budgets to hire teams of IT professionals. However, vendor-managed cybersecurity software gives companies all the benefits of having network security and incident response teams without hiring anyone.

Verkada is a great company to partner with to shore up your security measures. Their security teams are highly trained and constantly learning to stay updated on the latest best practices. They can help identify security flaws, implement a new security policy, and minimize unauthorized physical and digital assets access. With Verkada, you can have peace of mind rather than security concerns.

Startup Spending: Digital Marketingstartup spending

Digital marketing is key to building a successful company these days. Business cards and street signs are great, but online visibility is critical to generating brand awareness.

Social media and content marketing can help you grow an online presence and establish yourself as an expert and influencer in your industry. The influence you gain online will be vicariously conferred upon your business and help grow your customer base. Indeed, you can create a blog and market on social media for free; however, putting capital behind your marketing efforts will boost their efficacy. Investing capital in your digital marketing efforts will increase your return on the time you put into marketing.

We live in an ever-increasingly digital world, so investing in IT and information security is essential. Marketing is integral to growing your customer base and brand awareness. It’s also wise to invest time and capital in research to maximize your planning and marketing efforts. Also, finding the right suppliers will enable you to deliver optimal value to your customers. Finally, it’s always a good idea to bring in experts to help you fulfill knowledge and skill gaps.

Over 600,000 startups launch every year in the United States. Only around half of those 600,000-plus businesses last five or more years. Don’t let that success rate discourage you — let it motivate you to make your business exceptional in every facet, especially customer experience. If you invest strategically in the right resources and services, there are no limits to how successful your small business can be.

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