3 Ways Your Company Can Encourage Innovation

Written By Alla Levin
October 22, 2021

3 Ways Your Company Can Encourage Innovation

One central element that drives business is the ability to be innovative. Without it, many companies will be unable to deal with stiff competition on the market. Moreover, a lack of innovation can cause a rapid decline in productivity and business growth.

With these reasons and more, you cannot underestimate the benefits of origination and novelty in the business space. So far, about 63% of companies in the US alone have recruited innovation officers in several capacities to attend to this matter. If you’re interested in how you can replicate this in your establishment, take a look at the discussion below.

Encourage intrapreneurship in your company

Apart from entrepreneurship, another word making waves is intrapreneurship. This is regarding employees and the freedom you give them to present ideas and be entrepreneurs within your company. This gives them a sense of ownership that spurs them to do better as their opinions are considered.

An intrapreneur thinks like an entrepreneur and runs with business ideas to improve production, operations, better delivery, and, most importantly, innovations. How possible is it to replicate this in your establishment? 

First and foremost, try adopting an internal policy that welcomes ideas from all employees. Having a ‘no idea is a bad idea’ approach to things can kickstart a chain of positive reactions that benefit your team and the company as a whole. While at it, do not forget to include a reward element to active intrapreneurs among your workers. By rewarding innovative habits, you open up a path for more. Furthermore, if an idea from an employee fails to work, avoid making them feel bad about it. Instead, keep encouraging them to try harder.

Encourage and invest in researchWays‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Company‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Encourage‌ ‌Innovation‌ ‌

The art of acquiring relevant information to steer your business onto the right path is a vital part of business research. More importantly, the findings made go into forming objectives, goals, and projections for the future.

Research is an excellent tool you can use to drive business innovation. If you can, dedicate an entire department for business research or make it a requirement for your business development team.

Indeed, some companies fix this role in their sales and marketing department. Wherever you fit yours, the objective is to get it done and done right. Fortunately, technological advancement makes research easy to conduct and analyze. For example, if your research findings make it mandatory to customize a project or its delivery, a software development company can provide tech guidance on how that can be achieved.

Ways company can encourage innovation: your decisions must project that of a progressive leader

Leading by example has always been a requirement for leadership. In the business world, this is no different. As the head of the company or founder, your responsibility as a role model cannot be underestimated.

Your subordinates will look up to you to make effective and sound business decisions to propel the company to greater heights. Additionally, your passion, outlook, and vision will form critical components of the business’s operational blueprint. Indeed, innovation starts at the top, and that is your job as a progressive leader.

Admittedly, major changes do not happen instantly. They are gradual processes set into motion by your foresight and commitment to remain innovative throughout the business’s lifespan.

Good leaders are also those who know when to take help from others – whether that is the help of an innovation-sustaining team like voltagecontrol.com or whether it’s a known and trusted business advisor in your field. You should therefore ensure that you are looking to the outside wherever and whenever you can, to gain inspiration and help when you need it most. If you can do all that, you’ll find that your company encourages much more innovation much more swiftly, which is exactly what you are looking for here.

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