Vamping Up Your Garden For The Winter

Written By Alla Levin
October 22, 2021
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Vamping Up Your Garden For The Winter

Winter is almost here again, and although many of us feel like 2021 has gone by in a flash – there is still time to enjoy the latter part of the year as much as possible. Winter is when most of us retreat indoors and enjoy warm activities, but the balance of fresh air is also important and something we should invest in.

Your garden is a place you likely aren’t planning to visit until the spring; however, your garden can still be magical even in the colder seasons. Today we want to talk about some of the ways you can vamp up your garden for winter and make it feel more cozy and fun. 

Hang fairy lights 

You might associate fairy lights more with Christmas, but there is no reason why you can’t have lights in your garden all year long to light the way at night. Solar-powered fairy lights are super easy to find on Amazon, and once you hang them on your fences and your shed, you will see a stunning magical world in your own home. It will make you want to sit out and enjoy the lights and the festive feel.

Attract robins Vamping Up Your Garden For The Winter

Most birds do start to migrate as the weather gets colder. However, some birds, such as robins, will stay in the garden even in the snow. One thing you can do to make your garden more inviting this winter is to install a modern bird feeder with a table and encourage robins in during the colder months. It won’t be long before robins, and other small birds will grace your garden with their presence and make the space feel more welcoming and lively. 

Plant petunias 

A lot of flowers cannot stand the cooler weather. However, some bright flowers, such as petunias, will last well into winter until the major frosts. Bright red and pink petunias can bring the most stunning vibrancy to your otherwise desolate garden this winter, and the bright colors will add to that festive feel. You can place these in the ground, in pots, or hanging baskets, and enjoy the most stunning display all season. 

Get secure gates 

When you get to the winter, crime levels will generally increase. Robbers can take advantage of darkness with shorter days and longer nights, and they are more likely to steal from you. This is why one way to vamp up your garden while also investing in your safety is to install security gates and get Gate Automation for your front yard. This will ensure only you can enter your property and will keep you and your family safe.

Add a seating area 

Too cold for sitting out? Never! Even in the winter, it can be a wonderful idea to sit out in the garden. What better excuse for you to wrap up in a big coat and sit under a blanket? You can create a lovely seating area in the garden and consider adding candles and a wine rack to make it into the coziest and elegant space. 

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