How to Get Signed With a Record Label

Written By Alla Levin
October 24, 2021

How to Get Signed With a Record Label

When you dream of being a singer, you dream of getting into a contract with a huge record label to get a big break. But, dreams don’t get accomplished unless you work for them. Here are a few things you can work upon which would help you get signed with a record label –

Get Inspiration

Take cues from the bands or singers you look up to. Observe their style and tone of singing. Try to inculcate their style in your singing. They are professionally experienced in their fields as they are already working with the label you want to work with. Follow them on their social media handles and observe what they post. Listen to their songs and watch their stage performances and interview.

Be professionalhow to get signed with a record label

Get yourself a domain. Create your own website and have a professional mail ID for sending out your work. Keep the tone very professional. The music and tones you’re sending out should be top-notch.

Prepare tunes and music

Before you start the whole process of sending out your work, prepare yourself. Take singing lessons online and give your best. Try creating your own music album. Work on the lyrics, the music, the feel, and take care of every minute detail. The album should be perfect according to you.


Do your own research about the label. See if it’s legit. Observe how they take in new singers. Try to connect with the team over social media to get easy access. See if the singers that are your role models have ever worked with them. It’s essential to be cautious from illegitimate labels because you’re sending your original music, and you’ve put your everything in that one album.

Relevant label

Don’t go sending out your music blindly to any good record label—research about them. See if your music is relevant for them or if their label is relevant for your music. If you sing soft Bollywood songs and you’re sending out your album to a record label dealing with rock bands, then your product would be of no use to them.

Send it out

If you think you’re ready to sing professionally for a record label, send out your work. Don’t wait for the right moment. The time you send out your work would be the right moment. Don’t hesitate in monetizing your music when you know you’ve put your heart and soul into it. No doubt it’s intimidating, and you would get questions in your head like, “What if I don’t get any response?” “What if my music gets rejected?” but think about “What if it gets approved?”


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