Chiseled edge quartz countertops
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Chiseled Edge Quartz Countertops: Should I Buy It?

Remodeling the kitchen is probably one of the most important decisions homeowners will ever make. This room is one of the key spots in the house since guests and family members spend most of their time.

That’s why the kitchen design will have a great influence on the style of the entire house. To get started with this big project, the first step is choosing the right countertop. In this regard, our favorite choice is a chiseled edge quartz countertop.

Even though granite is a trendy material in the industry, quartz has been climbing to the top in the last few years. This surface offers many benefits to homeowners, such as being antibacterial and non-porous. That means a quartz countertop won’t accumulate any bacteria, and it will be easy to maintain. The best part about quartz is that while the material is more expensive compared to some other common countertops, in the long run, it will help homeowners save a lot of money.

One thing homeowners need to remember about quartz is that this countertop is not natural. This might come as a surprise to some people since quartz can easily resemble the look of granite or marble. But quartz, in reality, is an engineered stone. It is an artificial surface, mixing a natural mineral extracted from the ground and various resins.

If you are still not sure that quartz is the perfect material for your countertop, here are some reasons that might help you reconsider.

Reasons why I should purchase a quartz countertop: a variety of tones

One thing homeowners cannot enjoy with the other materials available in the market is a wide range of options. A quartz countertop comes in several solid colors and designs that can match any kitchen look. Plus, one of the special characteristics of quartz is that the surface can be personalized. Even though this is not an option that all providers offer, it is becoming more popular every year.

Chiseled edge quartz countertops: durabilityChiseled edge quartz countertops

Compared with other materials in the market, quartz is a tough surface. This solid countertop won’t chip or crack under any pressure. This is great, especially for all those homeowners who have children running around the kitchen all the time. Even when quartz offers many benefits to maintain its quality, it is crucial to clean it.

No imperfections

When purchasing a natural stone such as marble, homeowners will have to deal with imperfections on the surface. Even though this is completely normal in the long run, it could create some issues. But, because a quartz countertop is artificial, this problem disappears during the fabrication process.

As we know now, quartz is the top material for any countertop because it offers the benefits of a manufactured product, but with the looks of an engineered stone. Right now, there are several quartz manufacturers in the market. However, our top one is Caesarstone. This company offers a wide catalog and personalization services such as extending the overhang of the surface. To learn more about this option, read here.

What edge should I get for my quartz countertop?quartz countertop

If you decide to personalize your quartz countertop, the manufacturer will give you the option to choose a special edge. This is a crucial detail in the surface design since it can change the whole look of the kitchen. There are many edge options, but before talking about those, we want to focus on our favorite one, a chiseled edge countertop.

Chiseled edge quartz countertop

A chiseled edge countertop is one of the most beautiful styles you’ll find. It is usually known as a broken edge because it is a rough finish that is uneven. Thanks to this characteristic, chiseled edge quartz are perfect for all those homeowners who wanted to get a natural stone but couldn’t afford it. It is vital to clarify that even when it seems like the edge was broken by accident, this is actually a texture that could only be created with a machine.

Getting chiseled edge quartz will work better for all traditional and rustic kitchen designs. Plus, even when some people might say it is not as elegant as a waterfall edge, it will catch the eye of all your guests.

Here is a short list of pros and cons to help homeowners determine if a chiseled edge countertop is ideal for their kitchen.


  • Choosing chiseled edge quartz shows homeowners are not afraid to show their personality;
  • To enhance the natural look of the material, the manufacturer will apply a clean finish to the surface to make it shine;
  • It is a detail that all the guests will remember;
  • Compared with the other options available, the price of a chiseled edge countertop is more affordable;
  • It is the perfect complement to a traditional kitchen style.


  • One thing homeowners need to keep in mind is that chiseled edge quartz is not kid-friendly. This type of edge could cause scratches and hurt somebody if they are not careful.
  • Messes should be cleaned right away; otherwise, the liquid could get between the cracks, and it will become impossible to remove it.
  • This is not a style for everyone. That’s why it is better to decide which kitchen style you want before purchasing a chiseled edge countertop.

Using this list, homeowners will decide if a chiseled edge quartz countertop will be the perfect complement for their kitchen.

Chiseled edge quartz countertops: other edge options for your countertop

When choosing an edge for the countertop, it is important to consider the material you will use. The good news is that quartz is compatible with the most popular types of edges. For all those homeowners that are on a budget, the perfect option could be something traditional.

For instance, a bullnose, square, or the one we talked about, a chiseled edge. If you have saved a bit more for your countertop, we advise you to get something more luxurious, like an Ogee edge.

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