How Technology Has Kept Our World Safe

Written By Alla Levin
November 02, 2021

How Technology Has Kept Our World Safe

The world of technology has made many advancements in the last few decades. It’s awe-inspiring to think about how our world has changed with technological innovations. Some people worry that the rise in technology may lead to an invasion of privacy and surveillance. However, what a lot of people don’t acknowledge is that technology can keep us safe.

With the help of technology, the world has become a lot more protected from threats and dangers. From alarm systems to motion sensors, these technologies have practical use in our everyday lives. They help us to fight off burglars, intruders, and other criminals with ill intentions. When it comes to safety and security, technology has made a positive impact.

In the ever-evolving landscape of safety and security, technology has emerged as our steadfast guardian, with the precision and reliability reminiscent of the linear stages found here, ensuring our world remains protected and resilient in the face of modern challenges.

Here are the different ways that technology has kept our world safe:

Data Encryption

Data encryption has meant that your data can be encrypted and encoded so that only authorized people can retrieve it and read it. If someone were to hack into a hard drive or computer system, data encryption is another hoop they’d have to jump through to see your information. Across hardware and software, data encryption is a key security strategy in online data storage.

Threat DetectionThreat Detection

Threat detection technology is used both in online environments as well as in real-life settings. Threat detection is all about identifying possible unauthorized access or unverified users before they cause an event. The threat detection platform is intelligent, non-invasive, and efficient. Real-time detection can help lock systems and shut things down, containing a possible threat that can prove serious in some cases.

Facial Recognition

There is no questioning that facial recognition technology is controversial. For all of its possible cons, however, there are a lot of pros to it. Facial recognition is proven to increase safety and security, prevent crime, and more. It can help with medical efforts in identifying individuals in need. Facial recognition is still in its early stages. However, it very well could serve to be immensely beneficial in a range of safety and security environments.

Location Finders

Location finders, RFID technology, and GPS tracking are all pieces of technology that allow us to track assets, devices, and even people. As an item undergoes certain environments, or should some device be declared missing, you can safeguard the asset and its data through location-finding technology. This further protects data and items from unauthorized access or theft.

Real-Time Video SurveillanceReal-Time Video Surveillance

Real-time video surveillance accessible through a smart home hub or smartphone app has made it possible for homeowners to not only protect their homes but document threats and related events as they occur. Doorbell cameras, front door cameras, interior cameras, and perimeter video surveillance can help you document any property. If there’s anything suspicious, it’s caught on video for the authorities to investigate.

Mobile Devices

Smartphones allow us to track someone if we need to, such as a child or a missing person. Any mobile device is also a direct line with the police should someone be in an unsafe situation. A smartphone can take video, record audio, and more. It’s a way to document and get help immediately without having to go to a third party or having to find a phone somewhere. Unquestionably, mobile devices in this regard are a very, very good thing for safety and security.

Window and Door Sensors

The affordability of window and door sensors has made it possible to totally secure a property without buying into a full home security system. Sensors can be placed anywhere in your home. Put them around doors and windows to detect anyone going in or out. Without you having to get up, your smartphone will notify you if there’s unauthorized access at any point. The app will notify you when there’s something detected.

Life-Saving Assistance for SeniorsLife-Saving Assistance for Seniors

A wide variety of tech has proven to be life-saving for seniors. Technology has allowed individuals to monitor different conditions remotely through wearables. Life Alert wearables are also handy to have in case of a fall or if a senior is ever in need of emergency assistance. Medical devices such as pacemakers and stents also all fall into the category of technology keeping us safe. People are living longer and more independently these days due to the way tech has developed.

Motion Detection

Many warding off theft and securing a property is based on making it look unappealing or difficult to succeed at gaining access to. A set of motion detection lights, a motion detection alarm, or a siren are all examples of something that will activate upon detecting any movement. If you are not present on the property or cannot afford to have eyes everywhere, motion detection can help provide some security where there might not be any.

Home Monitoring Devices

There is a long list of home monitoring devices that keep us safe, and it all has to do with the advancement of technology. It’s now possible to detect smoke, high levels of carbon monoxide, or other toxic materials and changes in temperature. For the people inside a property in danger, this technology ensures you can quickly get out of a toxic environment.

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