Which Window Style To Choose
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Which Window Style To Choose? 13 Options To Consider

When it comes to window styles, you have a lot of choice. There are just so many options out there, each with a slightly different purpose. Getting your choice of window right for your home is important. Not only does it complement the style of your property, but it also offers some real practical benefits too. Take a look at the following window types and how they may benefit you below.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are side-opening windows that pivot on a hinge on either the left or right of the window frame. Windows don’t obstruct overall views and are usually relatively affordable. They’re currently somewhat of a trend, thanks to the fact that they offer good ventilation and really open up a room.

Some casement windows open inwardly into the interior, but most open outwardly. Generally, outward-opening windows are best for upper floors, and inward openings for ground floors to maintain space around the exterior of the house.

Which Window Style to Choose: Bow Windows

Bow windows are attractive windows that protrude from the main wall exterior of the home. As the name suggests, they follow a curved shape, and are usually made of multiple individual casement windows that open. In many cases, architects build bow windows into the design of the property, meaning that you will need to stick with them long-term. You may be able to add bow windows at a later date, but please note that this will likely involve considerable building work.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are a bit like casement windows except they flap open from the top, not the side. Awning windows are commonplace on bungalows. They are popular among homeowners who want to be able to look out of a single, large panel of glass.

Awning windows are also suitable for areas that receive a lot of rainfall. Their natural roof-life shape helps to funnel water away from the sides of the home and into storm drains, allowing owners to keep them open, even when the weather turns wet.

Hung WindowsHung Windows

Single hung windows, also called sash windows, are perhaps the most common of all window types. You find them both in apartments and suburban dwellings because of their versatility and ease of installation.

Single hung windows have a sash section that moves up and down on a rope/rail system. To operate, you lift the sash up manually or, if you have more elaborate systems, get a motor to do it for you.

Sash windows typically have two sliding sections: an upper and lower sash. This lets you open them from the bottom or the top. If you have children living with you, it is generally better to pull down the top sash to prevent them from crawling out.

Getting sash windows is a standard as part of a window installation service. Most firms will be able adapt your current window openings to this particular style of window.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are a special type of protruding window for people who want to nurture and grow plants indoors. The window itself sticks out from the wall, a bit like a wall box, and has glass panels on all sides, except the bottom.

Fitting garden windows usually doesn’t require any significant structural alterations to your home. However, you will need to get a professional to install it for you. It’s not a simple DIY project.

Hopper Windows

You can think of hopper windows as awning windows, but in reverse. Instead of placing the hinge at the top and the window opening outwards, the hinge is at the bottom, and the window opens inwards.

You typically find these types of windows in basement rooms. However, you need to be careful when you open them. If you leave them open during a rainstorm, then water will likely pour into your home.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are like a window version of shades. They comprise many small sections of glass that rotate when you twist a pole or pull on a cord. Opening the windows allows fresh air to rush into your home.

You can also angle the slats so that, when it is raining, you can prevent any water ingress. This type of window is great for homeowners looking to increase airflow throughout their properties.

Picture WindowsWhich Window Style To Choose

Picture windows don’t have any openings at all. Instead, they are a single sheet of glass, designed to frame a beautiful view outside.

Picture windows tend to be popular among homeowners who live in properties that overlook the mountains, lakes or forests. While they have other openable windows in their home, a picture window gives them unimpeded views. There are no non-glass sections, aside from the outer frame and the surrounding walls.

Circular Windows

Circular windows have a distinctly nautical feel and are commonplace in many city properties. They hark back to both the Victorian and Gothic eras, and are popular among people who enjoy brutalist or industrial styles.

Commercial circular windows are usually picture windows. That is, they don’t have any embellishments – just pure glass. Residential versions, however, typically feature interior struts and supports to add coziness.


Skylight windows are perfect for people who want to maximize the total available light in a room. When sunlight comes from above instead of just reflecting back into a home from the surroundings (as is the case with regular windows), it utterly transforms the feel of the room. It often feels like you are outside in broad daylight.

Typically, people put skylights in their attic rooms. That’s because they are easy to install into roofs. You can also get them for single-storey extensions, including kitchen side returns.

Be sure that your skylight glass panels offer UV protection. You don’t want to get sunburn indoors

Sliding Windows

If space both inside and outside is scarce, you might want to invest in sliding windows. These are like single hung windows, just turned on their side. One side of the window opens, while the other remains static.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are a type of decorative window that you often see around doors. They are typically small glass panels, interspersed with thin wooden frames. People get transoms to make their properties look more luxurious and upmarket. However, they are also a wonderful way to make your interiors cozier too, serving as a wonderful home accent.

Square transoms are the most common. However, rectangular versions also exist. These windows tend to work best as decorative elements surrounding the main statement windows in your home.

Decorative Glass WindowsDecorative Glass Windows

If you’d like to add a touch of color to your home,you might want to consider decorative glass windows. These are usually stationary, like picture windows, and often offer added privacy as well. (Glass segments are usually molded to scramble outgoing light).

Decorative glass is commonplace in traditional homes, but it can suit pretty much any type of property, so long as you get the style right. Prices are higher than for standard windows, as you might expect, but, in return, you get something unique.

Which Window Style to Choose: Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are ample choices of windows for your home. In this post, we only looked through the most popular. There are actually many others that you could explore, each of which offers something unique.

If you are replacing windows in your home, think carefully about what you would like them to do. If the goal is to simply keep the weather out, then your choice will be somewhat different from somebody who wants to complement their interior design.

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