Three Ways To Keep Your Remote Team Happy

Written By Alla Levin
November 13, 2021

Three Ways To Keep Your Remote Team Happy

The way we work has altered radically in the last year, and for some, the change will be permanent. Many companies are now allowing their employees to work from home full-time or offer a hybrid option in which just a small amount of time is spent in the office.

Remote working provides various advantages, including lower real estate expenses for organizations, increased employee flexibility, and improved work-life balance. It can also have certain drawbacks. Loneliness, struggling to maintain a work-life balance, and a lack of touch with coworkers are just a few of people’s issues.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to guarantee that your employees have a great experience working from home. It would help ensure clients have a positive experience, whether setting up a virtual office address or providing the appropriate equipment.

Let’s have a look at some of the options available to you below:

Ensure You Check-In And Show Your Appreciation Regularly

This does not imply that you should supervise your work from home. It’s more about ensuring that you have a strong communication channel open with them so that they can come to you if they need to and that you keep them informed. Effective and consistent communication promotes a more productive and healthy work environment.

You can’t stop by your employee’s desk like you can in the office, but you can use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Skype to keep up. Remember that some employees may prefer less regular check-ins; communicate with them and be sympathetic to their requirements. When checking in with your team, you need to make sure you are also showing your appreciation. A great way to do this is through employee recognition software

Allow For Some Flexibilityemployee recognition software. 

Working from home has to be one of the most beneficial aspects for your employees; but, if you are too rigid with working hours. It would help if you made every effort to be as adaptable as possible.

A working parent, for example, might want to get on early in the morning, take a break during the day, and then get back on later in the evening. Allowing this kind of freedom will result in a more productive team, as employees will work when they know they can do their best work. Please make sure they’re clear about their goals so that meetings and timetables may be adjusted across the board.

Keep Remote Team Happy: Provide Plenty Of Development 

There’s no reason why working from home should imply a slower pace of progress. Progression should continue to be offered to all interested employees. Employees may learn in various ways online, and the necessity for in-person training is becoming obsolete. Encourage your employees to use internet resources and enroll in online courses. If you hold a virtual training session, make a recording of it so you may refer to it afterward.

These three suggestions should assist you in keeping your staff happy while they work from home. Do you have any other suggestions that would be useful? Please add them to the comments section below.

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