Running a Media Campaign Securely: How To

Written By Alla Levin
April 01, 2019

How to Run a Media Campaign Securely

The debate is over as to whether or not digital advertising is a necessary arm of any media campaign.

Nowadays advertisement battles are not just fought over billboard and broadcast space, but it’s now over the digital realms of website ads and social media posts.

While this has introduced the capacity to reach huge audiences, it has also introduced problems surrounding cybersecurity and even social hiccups.

Here are a few things to consider before launching a campaign online.

Don’t leave old handles unused

If your company has disused social media accounts, ensure that these are all deactivated before you continue your online campaign.

Old accounts are much more vulnerable to cybercriminals who can not only use the account to access your data but also use the page for their own nefarious means.

If that site is unused as it was of no use to your audience or niche, then ensure you delete it quickly.

Password-protect embargoed filesIT companies in Slough

If you are in the steps of approaching a wide-scale media campaign, then you may be withholding information about products that have not been launched yet.

To avoid the potential of a law-suit, or keen internet hackers who wish to access hidden details, you should protect any zip files with a password, which more often than not, is the most frequently used way of sharing sensitive files.

If you are using USBs to share password-protected files, it is absolutely vital that you have a back-up file in case the device corrupts.

Use Reputable Influencers to Run a Media Campaign Securelyrole models across social media

If you are using prominent role models across social media platforms for paid product placement, then you will want to double-check the reputation of any influencer you decide to use.

While your product will reach a potentially huge, new audience, you want to make sure that the person endorsing your product is not associated with questionable activities or beliefs.

Using only the most reputable and clean-slate public figures is the best way to ensure that your product reaches a new audience, safely.

Enlist IT supportsearch for IT companies in Slough

In the same way that you wouldn’t run a graphics-led campaign without the help of an experienced and knowledgeable graphic designer, you shouldn’t run your digital campaign without the help of an IT support team.

As mentioned above, it’s likely that you will have embargoed content until the release of the campaign, and any data theft or security breaches would be devastating to both your company and the campaign.

As well as ensuring that you have done the utmost to ensure your online campaign is protected against cybercrime, you will want to ensure that your network is not slowing your campaign’s progress.

If you have a campaign in the UK, for example, you would want to search for IT companies in Slough to find a service that is both local and reputable.

To run a media campaign securely, you will want your technology focus to be as strong as your promotional one.

Ensuring that your network and online platforms are operating to the best of their abilities, and as securely as possible, is just as important as making sure your imagery and tone of voice are correct.

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