Travel and CBD—What to Know

Written By Alla Levin
November 18, 2021

Travel and CBD—What to Know

Many people wonder if it is legal to travel with CBD or enter another country with CBD. The answer to this question varies depending on where you are traveling from and the city or country you are entering. This article will help clarify what rules there are for traveling with CBD and give some tips about avoiding any potential problems when crossing borders. says: “Within the U.S., you can fly with CBD products that contain less than 0.3 percent THC. However, TSA rules very much apply, in that any liquids (oils, tinctures, creams) must be less than 3 ounces. You can bring a CBD vape pen through airport security in your carry-on, but not in your checked baggage.”

CBD is not legal (or considered legal) in all countries

  1. To find out the specific laws about CBD in your country, use the internet and contact your local consulate or embassy.
  2. There is an exception to the international law on CBD if prescribed for medical purposes. In this case, your prescription can travel with you across borders. This works even in countries where CBD isn’t legal because, technically, it is illegal to cross a border without a prescription.
  3. Taking CBD products out of the USA with you is illegal. This means that if you purchase your CBD in the USA, you cannot legally take it back to another country with you (even in your checked luggage).
  4. You can enter another country without a medical prescription for CBD. To do this, make sure that any CBD products that you bring into the country are considered food or herbal supplements. This means that they need to be packaged and only contain CBD (no THC), and you must have a copy of the label with dosage information. You can talk to the CBD Utah experts to know how to go about it.
  5. Traveling with CBD internationally is illegal. This means that even if your particular country has legalized cannabis (including THC and CBD), you cannot cross a border with cannabis products.
  6. When traveling with cannabis products, it is important to ensure that they are properly packaged. This will help to prevent the products from being damaged or lost during transit. It is also important to be aware of the laws surrounding cannabis packaging in your destination. Some states have very strict regulations regarding canna packaging, and failure to comply can result in hefty fines.
  7. If your CBD product is classified as a drug, it may be confiscated by customs. Please don’t bring it on the plane with you to avoid this problem and instead send it to your destination ahead of you. If your CBD medication requires refrigeration, ensure that it is stored in a cool place and has been given enough time to reach its destination before you do.
  8. It is not recommended to attempt traveling via plane. This is because airport security will probably confiscate any CBD product you bring with you. In addition, taking a plane can be very expensive, and there may be added fees for checking your CBD products as checked baggage.
  9. If going by car or ship, take note of the rules about having cannabis oil. States have different laws on this matter, so you will need to research the laws of your particular state if you decide to take your CBD oil with you.
  10. If you fail to declare your CBD product at customs and they find it in your possession, the consequences could be worse than simply confiscation. You may face prosecution and fines because your CBD product is considered a narcotic in some countries.
  11. If you return to the USA after visiting another country, declare your CBD at customs. This will ensure that there are no problems when crossing. However, if you are returning from a state with legal cannabis, don’t bring any of it back with you unless it has been obtained legally in that state. You can read travel blogs to know the latest updates when traveling.
  12. If you are crossing the border with CBD, make sure it is clearly labeled as food or herbal supplements. Not doing so could cause problems for you and any other passengers traveling with you. You must be at least 18 to legally purchase cannabis products in some states like California. You can bring cannabis products with you to other states where they are legal, but if you cross borders with them, you must be 18.

Travel and CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid that offers many health benefits, and it can be shipped anywhere in the USA. However, you cannot legally take CBD across international borders unless prescribed for a medical condition by a physician. In addition, you can’t bring cannabis products into states where they are not legal.

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