Latest Packaging Technology Innovations to Blow Your Minds

Written By Alla Levin
November 20, 2021

Latest Packaging Technology Innovations to Blow Your Minds

Being innovative in today’s world is of great importance, not only for profit but for our environment too. Innovations can be applied to every branch of the economy, from spirits beverage packaging to mobile phones and laptops. Lately, there have been instead significant packaging technology innovations. Most likely, they will change waste that is inevitable in old-fashioned packaging.

These types of packaging serve a few purposes that we will discuss in detail. Most likely, these options will replace the packaging that we today know. That is why it is essential to educate ourselves on them and find the one we like the most. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the list of technology innovations that will blow your mind:

Zero Waste Packaging

You are most likely thinking about how you can produce something without making any waste. Well turns out you really can, and zero-waste packaging shows us how. This term means that all the materials in the packaging can be reused or recycled and utilized. In the end, you get zero-waste packaging. This way of packaging has many advantages such as:

  • Good for Planet
  • Not creating any waste
  • Less energy used
  • Saves money

With all this information about zero-waste packaging, you get a clue about what it is. This innovation will make our planet a better living place and considerably reduce your carbon footprint.

3D Printinglatest packaging technology

Many companies experiment with how their packaging looks and works. This is good for the company, and they get the output they need, but the waste it produces is considerable. Thankfully 3D printing has been around for a long time, and we can make almost anything with it. This gives companies more freedom in experimenting with prototypes that will help final products.

3D printing allows the packaging to be as complex or as simple you want it to be. You guessed it right, and the more straightforward option will make it less expensive and more environmentally friendly. Many companies are trying a method of partial packing that protects the product around its most exposed parts. It looks like this will become very popular in a short time.

Self Chilling Cans

Everyone likes friendly child beverages on hot summer days. With this mind-blowing invention, you are going to be able to drink cold drinks even in places you don’t have access to the refrigerator. These cans look and feel the same, but they have one catch. The twistable bottom that you turn to release CO2. In this case, CO2 makes the drink colder, but be sure to turn your can upside down, or it won’t work.

It only takes up to a minute to chill your drink, unlike refrigerator or ice. Also, the cans used for this are 100% recycled, making them somewhat eco-friendly.

Also, there is spirits beverage packaging. This packaging is trying to make alcoholic beverage packages that will prolong shelf life and leave less impact on the environment. Spirits beverage packaging can also be used on other beverages, not only alcohol.

Atmosphere Packaging

To extend the quality of baked goods, everyone is turning to atmosphere packaging. This method preserves freshness for many days with minimal effort. Also, it makes shelf life and distribution much more accessible. This is a package where the oxygen level is lower. That makes it a demanding environment for mold to grow in.

This packaging method has many pros such as:

  • Longer shelf-life;
  • Preserved freshness;
  • Easier distribution of goods.

Direct Thermal Film Label

Before, labels depended on leuco dye, but everything changed after the crash of the leuco dye market. The prices of this kind of labeling had skyrocketed, and everyone was trying to make a cheaper option. That is how we ended up with a direct thermal film label that didn’t use leuco dye. This new way of labeling is based on carbon black on film.

With this kind of labeling, we did not only surpass the leuco dye crash, but we made a much better quality print. This print is waterproof and also UV resistant.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is an advanced technique of printing that allows you to use as many colors as you want, unlike screen printing. This kind of printing is also much more economical and uses less ink. Therefore, it is an excellent option for smaller businesses with many colors in their designs. With digital printing, you can make much more precise and unique prints which is a big plus.

If you’re looking for a reliable source for your printing supplies, consider checking out PerfecPressHTV. They offer a wide range of high-quality products to help you achieve exceptional results with your digital printing projects.

Paper-based Packaging

Paper-based packaging is an environmentally safe and reusable method of packaging. The thing is that this type of packaging is biodegradable, unlike plastic. This makes it more eco-friendly.

The packaging itself is easy to make and is appealing to customers. They are very lightweight, and transport is easy. Therefore paper-based packaging is something that every company should look at.

Latest Packaging Technology: Conclusion

All these innovations aim to make our society much more productive. Every one of these packaging innovations has an impact on our environment. That is why we all should look up to these products and make them part of our everyday lives.

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