How to Maximize Your Personal Fitness Trainer Salary

Written By Alla Levin
September 19, 2018

Here are some ways by which you can maximize your personal fitness trainer salary

A lot of personal fitness trainers have a hard time getting by with their salaries. To pay your bills comfortably and enjoy the good things of life, you need to maximize your personal fitness trainer salary.

1. Employ good accounting practices:

If you don’t employ good accounting practices on your personal fitness salary, you will find it hard to survive even if you earn more. You need to learn how to manage what you have effectively.

Make use of spreadsheets, smartphone apps and other tools to manage your finances better. Learn to spend within your limits and have extra savings. Calculate your taxes well to avoid issues with the taxman.  

2. Run affiliate programs:

You can partner with companies that sell fitness related products and become an affiliate of these companies.

You will earn a lot of money from the affiliate programs of these companies. You can also make money from the blog section of your website by running affiliate programs there.

3. Become a freelance trainer:freelancing in fitness salary

By becoming a freelance trainer, you don’t need to work in one gym alone. You can train people at home, outdoors and several other locations.

Freelance trainers often charge more than their usual fees since they are offering their services away from their general location. Become a freelance trainer and earn a great freelancing in fitness salary.  

4. Manage your time wisely:

When you manage your time carefully, you can cater to more clients and have a chance to earn more than your usual salary. Be on time, run your programs efficiently and avoid time wasters.   

5. Earn more certifications:

One personal training certification is not enough. There are several personal training certifications available.

The more certifications you earn, the easier it is to make more money. The more certifications you have, the more clients trust you enough to handle their fitness sessions. Learn more about nutrition, dieting, weight loss, etc.   

6. Network with others:

When you network with others, you can get referrals from them, and increase your clientele. Don’t network with other personal trainers alone.

Maximize Your Personal Fitness Trainer Salary

Network with physiotherapists, nutritionists, dieticians, massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and other professionals. You can also refer your clients to them, and they will, in turn, refer their clients to you.

7. Offer flexible programs:

Flexible programs can help you cater to more clients and earn more. If you offer one-hour training sessions alone, consider offering 30-minute sessions.

This way, you can pack more sessions in one day. You will also be able to accommodate clients that their tight schedules can’t provide long training sessions.       

8. Offer the best services to your clients: money from the affiliate programs of these companies.

When you offer top-notch services to clients, they will stick with you, and they will even refer you to other people.

Have a personal touch like remembering birthdays, achievements and other things. Ask about their family and show that you care. But, don’t do it excessively else you might come across as a nosy person.  

9. Write:

Writing is a good way of sharing your knowledge with others. When you write on blogs and websites, you establish yourself as a professional and people trust you more. Your visibility also increases, and you get connected with more clients.


If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll be able to maximize your personal fitness trainer salary.

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