5 Things You Must Include On Your Business Website

Written By Alla Levin
February 14, 2020

Refresh Website: Must Include On Your Business Website

If you want your business to be successful in the current climate then you simply must have an efficient, informative, and captivating website. Your website is the backbone of your sales strategy and will often be the first thing potential customers see when researching your products or services.

So whether you’re building your business website for the first time, or are reading this article because you aren’t seeing the results you expected and are considering a website refresh then here are five things you must make sure you include. 

Clear business branding

Your website needs to be undeniably linked to your business which means creating it with your brand colors, brand logo, brand font, and brand tone of voice.  A web design company will often be able to help you get this right and will be able to create custom templates that suit your brand ethos and vision.

Of course, there are free website templates available online through platforms such as WordPress, but these are often less responsive and limiting when it comes to design.

Unmissable contact information

Don’t ever be ashamed of displaying your contact information loud and proud.  If your customers need to hunt to find your telephone number or aren’t able to see where they can get in touch with you, then they are far more likely to reach out to a competitor who provides them with an easy form of communication.  Put your contact information on a dedicated contact page but also make sure it is visible on the other pages of your site by placing it in the header or footer.

Information about who you are

An important role of a business website is in establishing trust between you as a company and your target consumer. One of the ways in which a website can help you to build trust is by explaining your brand story.

Your brand story is a powerful sales tool and can help you to build an emotional connection with your customers, making them more likely to follow and support you.  Regardless of whether you consider your brand story to be very interesting, be sure to include some information about why you began doing what you’re doing.

Staff informationMust Include On Your Business Website 

Especially if you are selling a service, displaying your staff information is another important way to build an emotional connection with your target customer as well as to invite them to reach out with the relevant members of your team for more information if they require it.  You needn’t display every team member but the core members of staff should be included, including the founders, CEO, COO, Head of Sales, and Head of Client Services.


Finally, one asset that many companies fail to utilize is their customer testimonials. Customer testimonials or reviews are another vital way to build brand trust with potential consumers, especially if you are a new business without an established brand reputation.

People like to hear stories from real people, so keep your testimonials as raw as possible. And there you have it, the five things you absolutely must include on your business website, aside from information on your products of course. 

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