How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated?

Written By Alla Levin
November 23, 2021

How to Keep Sales Team Motivated?

Sales managers need to consistently ignite the salespeople’s morale to work proactively and bring results. So it’s a no-brainer that salespeople like money which motivates them to show up every day.

But is that all it takes? Beyond money, you should find a way to bring motivational tactics and frequently changing scenarios to keep them on their toes. In this article, let’s discuss seven ideas that motivate a sales team.

Effective sales team management

Managing a sales team is a considerable challenge. There is more to managing than just overseeing the sales team’s work. It is essential to have a general sales process to keep the best salespeople on toes and help underperforming reps with motivational tactics. Sales team management results in a more efficient and proactive sales process that resonates well with everyone.

Understand your Sales teams’ personal and professional goalsUnderstand your Sales teams' personal and professional goals

You can never motivate someone unless you exactly know what drives them. This is why it is essential to understand what the salespeople want and what they are looking forward to accomplishing in their personal and professional lives. This will give you an understanding of what needs to be implemented and managed effectively.

Public displays of appreciation

Display of praise and appreciation is essential for motivating your employees in the sales job. Celebrate significant milestones as well as small ones too. If something is accomplished, ensure to give specific compliments. Tell your sales team that you trust in their abilities and provide a reason why. 

Emphasize collaboration before competition

Most of the employees are competitive by nature. The drive to close more deals than another is directly ingrained in salespeople. This leads to disregard for colleagues. Instead, you can create an environment of collaboration above the competition.

Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals

Setting the daily or monthly goals helps salespeople perform better and impact the organization’s growth. In addition, giving rewards after the goal is achieved influences passion and will result in meaningful results in the long run.

Stay positiveHow to keep the sales team motivated

A good sales leader needs to acknowledge salespeople’s worries and defeats. Learn to recognize the underlying frustrations and use positive language to provide suggestions. Sales managers also need to find about the challenges and fears to suggest efficient plans and help focus on personal goals. Also, make sure to give them some great quotes from this list of motivational sales quotes.


Many salespeople are primarily motivated to do better for the opportunity to learn better about their customers, products, delivering the message, and other subjects. Therefore, it is essential to educate and scourge the sales team with effective coaching. 

If you cannot do it, make sure to encourage them to attend coaching classes or get a ticket to unique workshops. You can also give them books, webinars, or suggest podcasts to learn more about the evolving sales industry.

How to keep the sales team motivated: Conclusion

Every salesperson needs to be motivated differently. Therefore, be empathetic about the salespeople’s day-to-day struggles and encourage them to do the job right. Overall, knowing the employees’ ups and downs is a morale booster for the company culture.

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