5 Best Home Remedies For Blocked Nose Treatment

Written By Alla Levin
November 23, 2021

5 Best Home Remedies For Blocked Nose Treatment

Don’t you think the winters and the blocked nose go hand in hand? Every one of us undergoes this annoying condition either at the start, middle, or end of winter. According to the best ENT specialist in Karachi, nasal congestion happens when mucus is present in the linings of the nose. Some of the common symptoms of the blocked nose are as follows:

  1. An affected sense of smell;
  2. Difficulty in breathing;
  3. Sneezing;
  4. Snoring;
  5. Pain in the upper jaw;
  6. Watery eyes;
  7. Poor focus;
  8. Sore throat;
  9. Runny nose.

Tips For Relief From Nasal Congestion

Some of the tips that do not require you to chug down colorful tablets and work wonders are given below:

Try To Stay HydratedHome Remedies For Blocked Nose Treatment

This goes without saying that drinking water is essential to perform efficiently. But this becomes much more important when you are experiencing the symptoms of flu and nasal congestion. Water or other types of hot beverages can help thin down the mucous layers that otherwise inhabit the inner linings of your nasal passageway.

In order to stay hydrated and have easy access to hot water, it is essential that you have a water dispenser at your home. You can purchase online and choose from a variety of water dispensers to fit your home to keep water accessible to you with the added benefit of having the option to choose between cold and hot water.

Lowered pressure means that the chances of inflammation are also less. Thus, if you are also one who faces difficulty breathing due to a blocked nose, you should try to drink warm beverages and water.

Some of the best choices are given below:

  • Herbal tea
  • Soups
  • Coffee
  • Stew

Warm Compression

Do not forget the power these warm compressions have on relieving your body from all the pressure buildup. The best and easy way for doing this is given below:

  • Take a piece of towel;
  • Dip it in hot boiling water;
  • Ring it properly to get all the water out;
  • Then position that towel on your nose.

The method mentioned above is known to work well for the case of a stuffy nose. This does not only relieve the nasal passageways from all the pressure.

Steamheavily advertised therapy

This is the most heavily advertised therapy that has been known for generations and is proven to be highly effective. Steam is composed of water vapors whose temperature is boiling. This steam works very well with the inflamed lining of the mucosal pathway.

Take a bowl and then add hot boiling water to it. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam for some time. You can also add an essential oil such as lavender. This will enhance the overall experience. But you have to be highly careful because steam can be quite dangerous if not handled well. It is advised that this home remedy should be avoided in the case of infants.


Although this may not seem so graceful, this is also an effective method to drain out the sinuses. Netipots are widely used to unclog the blocked sinuses.  It is a container mainly designed so that the mucus can be flushed out correctly and efficiently.

Try to use distilled or sterile water, and avoid tap water when using a neti pot. The method to use neti pot is also straightforward and is given below for the reader’s convenience:

  • Stand over a sink;
  • Place the neti pot in the blocked nostril;
  • Hold it steady at a specific angle so that the water may enter the inside;
  • Once the flow is established, it will come out from your other nostrils;
  • Repeat the process for one minute;
  • Switch sides and repeat the gesture.

Pillow Positioning at nightPillow Positioning at night

This one is also important and is often ignored by people. The way you position your pillow at night also impacts the inner linings of your nose. Thus try to make sure that you prop up your head at night to ditch the inflammation due to nasal congestion. This remedy is exceptionally well known and is highly easy to adopt.

Home Remedies for Blocked Nose: The Bottom Line

Nasal congestion is a medical problem that equally affects all, whether women, men, old or child. It is essential to take care of yourself, especially during winters. For further queries, make sure to consult your primary healthcare provider as they will guide you properly in these regards to blocked noses.

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