How To Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign

Written By Alla Levin
November 26, 2021

How To Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign

As an individual who takes music as a career, you’ve probably needed to raise money for your concert, record your song in the studio, get yourself the required instruments to make yourself a better singer, or so many other things to further your career. Have you heard about Crowdfunding before? If not, this is the right place. 

What is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a term that means creating funds from the network of people you have by letting them contribute minor amounts to make a large amount of money. You pull a large number of people, let’s say five hundred people, to pool together a certain amount of money as little as $1. The summation of all the money put together is the result that Crowdfunding brings.

According to the Oxford dictionary, Crowdfunding is the gathering of small capital/funds from many individuals pooling their money together for a common goal, usually through the internet, social media, and crowdfunding websites to bring in investors.

The concept of Crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs ranging from musicians, artists, research programs, and so on to millions of dollars or even billions of naira from anybody interested in investing. By Crowdfunding, you have the chance to pitch yourself to people, show them the extent of your passion about what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what difference it can make in the world. 

For example, you are a musician, and you want to be serious about music as a career, you need capital to make yourself visible to the world, you need money to create a wave in the world of music and record your songs. Crowdfunding should be one of your best ways of promoting your career, music. 

In this article, I’ll properly talk about how upcoming and existing musicians or individuals who want to take music as a career can successfully and excellently create a crowdfunding campaign that will make catapult your career to the next level or even two stories up.

Here are EIGHT tips to launching a successful crowdfunding campaign:

A Solid FanbaseHow To Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign

A fanbase is a group of people who support your career, life, and development. They can do anything to hear you or go anywhere to listen to you. I am not emphasizing this because you need to make money from them alone but because they are crucial to your music career as a whole.


Planning is essential to your campaign. It would help strategize on building it from start to finish and get a clear picture of where you are going. Make plans ahead to have it all outlined, even if it means creating a physical document to outline your goals for you, get a team to help in the campaign, make a team that will conquer the world.

Get A Good Crowdfunding Platform

Now is very important in the success of your campaign. Crowdfunding platforms are scattered all over the internet, and it’s part of the work you have to do so you can get the best one that suits your purpose. These platforms are pretty easy to be used by musicians, most especially new artists, and it improves your success rate. 

Show4me is a platform that is not only created for crowdfunding platforms but specifically for musicians who wish to record a song, release an album, create a fanbase and do something with music as a career. It is one of the best platforms to achieve your crowdfunding goal. 

Be Ready To Do The Work

As a serious-minded person, you should be ready to put in the hard work that is required for the success of the campaign. If you who are doing the drive cannot promote the campaign as your life depends on it because it depends on it, then the success rates are low. 

Define What You Want To Achieve With The CampaignDefine What You Want To Achieve With The Campaign

This is the stage where you start asking yourself the question of what? Why? Is it worth it? And so on. It is to make you understand that those clients of yours who will be dropping money want to see a defined explanation for why they are supporting you.

Pitch Ruthlessly

Let your pitch sway and tilt them to support you more than ever. Having the best pitch not only helps to get people engaged to what your art is, but it also helps to convince them that you are qualified to get Crowdfunding. Show4me is a platform that allows you to pitch your aim and brings it to a broader range of people.

Tag Your Idea With a Reward

Everyone wants a reward for doing something. Tag your campaign with a premium, and you’ll see them begging to support you.

Consider Working With Crowdfunding Agencies

Working with a crowdfunding agency can take a lot of the hard work out of seeking funding. Such agencies have all the right connections and can help you develop a marketing strategy for securing funding. The likes of this Reg-D equity crowdfunding agency can even help you build video pitches and deliver AI-driven advertising, enabling you to come across as more professional so that you can win over the most serious investors.

Get Your Family And Friends Involved

Having your friends and family involved in your music helps to create crowdfunding opportunities for your art as you can ask them for funds as loans or grants.

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