Choose Your Suitable Account Type at FinoTrend and Enjoy Online Trading

Written By Alla Levin
November 30, 2021

Choose Your Suitable Account Type at FinoTrend and Enjoy Online Trading

Online trading is an exciting field to earn money. However, this field is also associated with a certain amount of risk. Therefore, it is better to choose a suitable account type on the basis of your ability and vision. There are a few financial organizations that offer you the option to select your account type from different account types.

FinoTrend is the most suitable brokerage company that offers different account types and an easy process to open a real account. Once you have registered yourself at this organization, you can make a deposit in your funds on the basis of your account type. Making a deposit will give you access to trade in real-time. You can not use your demo account for real-time trading as there is no money in your funds to participate in trading.

Account Types at FinoTrend

There are five account types available at FinoTrend such as beginner, trader, expert, VIP, and exclusive. You can choose any of these accounts depending on your preferences. However, the deposit money is different for different account types. If your experience in online trading is limited, the most suitable option for you is to choose the ‘beginner’ or ‘trader’ account type.

However, if you choose any of these account types, you will not receive trading signals and have limited open positions. On the other hand, to enjoy unlimited open positions and several opportunities, you should choose any account from expert, VIP, and exclusive account types. You can access all these account types through your smartphones.

Real Account

You can enjoy plenty of benefits and opportunities from opening a real account at FinoTrend. For instance, by offering customized tools and features, this organization ensures your success in online trading. Any expensive account type will also allow you to receive trading signals and price alerts. Once you have opened your real account, you are free to execute orders immediately.

The facility of live data feed streaming will be available to you. Your account will be activated immediately after a successful deposit in your funds. In order to protect you from the risk of any conflict and offer you the opportunity to trade in the live conditions of the market, this organization uses STP technology. Most importantly, your real trade account at FinoTrend is compatible with mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Islamic Account

If you belong to the Islamic religion and follow the prohibition of Sharia law regarding the receive and pay of interest or swap, you can open a swap-free real account at FinoTrend. This personalized Islamic account of this financial organization is a real opportunity to follow your religious beliefs. With the Islamic account, you can also enjoy online trading without paying or receiving any interest.

Demo Account

You can use a demo account if you want to test different strategies and learn the basics of online trading. At FinoTrend, you can keep your demo account as long as you want. This account works without real funds. Therefore, you should miss the opportunity to use the demo account for learning purposes.

Therefore, not to miss these above-stated opportunities, you should immediately contact FinoTrend to open a real account.

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