What Are Straight Forecast Football Bets?

Written By Alla Levin
November 30, 2021

What Are Straight Forecast Football Bets?

You’d think that since the game has gotten more popular, betting on it would get easier over time, but the market keeps growing. It might be difficult for newcomers to start betting because of the numerous categories and types of bets available, but with some assistance and a little study, you’ll be up to speed in no time.

Although there are many popular ways to bet in football, such as first goalscorer, accumulators, or both teams scoring bet – we’re going to look at fixed football bets. Let’s have a look at what they are and when you should utilize them.

Forecast betting explained

Let’s begin by defining what forecast betting is. Forecast betting is most prevalent in sports that are similar to racing or kasyna online, but it may be used for a wide range of other sports. Using your bet to wager who will come first and second in a contest is essential with forecast betting.

You must not only pick the correct contestants for the top two places, but you will also need to correctly predict where they will finish in each of these positions, whether first or second. These bets, while appealing, come with only a low level of probability owing to the need to correctly pick both a winner and a second-place finisher as well as the arrangement in which they finish.

Example of forecast bettingstraight forecast football bets

A simple example of a forecast bet is looking at F1 racing. The British Grand Prix has 20 participants, according to your research. You intend on placing a forecast bet on Lewis Hamilton winning and Sebastian Vettel seconding.

If you bet on Hamilton to win and Vettel to come second, you’ll win the race if he does. If Hamilton doesn’t win or Vettel doesn’t come second, you lose your wager. Similarly, if Vettel wins and Hamilton comes second, you still lose your wager because you failed to predict the position accurately.

Use in football

While predicting in other sports is an excellent method to wager, applying it in football may be more difficult owing to the sport’s nature. Forecasting is particularly effective when it comes to tournaments or year-long bets in football. Forecasting the placing of football teams is a fantastic way to diversify your betting portfolio.

This might imply wagering on Manchester City and Liverpool to win outright and finish second in the Premier League at the start. It also accurately predicts who will top and finish second in the upcoming World Cup International qualifying rounds.

Things to consider

Bookies generally only offer prognostication on teams or tournaments with more than three competitors. Your odds will rise as you get farther from the bookie’s favorite, but the majority of these bets are predetermined quantities. It’s crucial to note that some of these gambles are not fixed odds, so double-check the terms before you put money down.


There is almost too much variety when it comes to betting on football games these days. Despite this, we are constantly searching for new methods rather than the same old 2.5 goals a match accas in which we may assist bettors to beat the bookies and earn some well-deserved money.

Straight forecast football bets are a more recent, innovative approach to making a bet. Why not give it a go the next time you place a wager?

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