Find Fixed Wireless Internet Providers Near You

Written By Alla Levin
December 01, 2021

Find Fixed Wireless Internet Providers Near You

Internet is a basic requirement for every household now and our daily lives have become highly dependent on it. People require a reliable internet connection and therefore subscribe to only optimum providers at affordable prices.

For instance, Xfinity internet packages offer customers different internet plans that they can choose from. They offer various internet speeds that you opt for at a reasonable price point depending on your usage.

The rural and underdeveloped areas however face the difficulty of not always having a high-speed internet connection. This is where the fixed internet comes in. It is becoming popular in such areas. It is broadcasted via airwaves from the towers to the receivers installed at the consumer’s location. Since the rural areas lack heavy infrastructure, fixed internet is the most high-speed option for such areas.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless broadband, like satellite internet, does not require a phone or cable line for service, making it a popular option for rural populations. Fixed wireless towers, on the other hand, can only transmit signals for around a 10-mile radius, limiting their coverage to a smaller area than satellite internet.

Fixed wireless internet is a type of internet service that sends and receives internet signals using radio waves via broadcast towers. The signals are received by a small dish or antenna and sent to a modem, which turns them into the internet service you use to browse the web, send emails, and watch TV.

Factors to Consider when getting fixed wireless internetFactors to Consider when getting fixed wireless internet

When you want to get a fixed wireless internet connection setup, you must consider the following factors:

  • Downloading Speed: If you want fixed-wireless internet, you should aim for download speeds of at least 25 Mbps. This provides a stable connection that allows you to do things like video streaming, video conferencing, and restricted gaming, but only on one device at a time. Because you have quicker download speeds, you can stream in higher video quality without buffering. Streaming in normal quality consumes significantly fewer data. You may not be able to use the internet on more than one device at a time if your download speeds are less than 12 Mbps.
  • Data Allotment: Most fixed-wireless internet plans come with a monthly data cap, which might be problematic if you’re used to having unlimited usage. Because data is routed through a tower, the providers can only offer a certain amount of bandwidth in any particular location. Fixed-wireless carriers track the amount of data sent to each subscriber to guarantee that there is enough bandwidth for everyone. However, if you are to exceed the data cap you do get overcharged for the exceeded data. Despite these data caps, fixed internet still costs lesser than satellite services.

Fixed Wireless Internet Providers Available

Etheric NetworksSan Francisco Bay Area, California
AT&T Texas, California
GHz Wireless Texas
Rise BroadbandColorado, Idaho, California
King Street WirelessIllinois, Indiana, California
Starry InternetWashington, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Boston
Verizon LTETexas, California, Indiana, Illinois

Pros and Cons of Fixed Wireless Internet

All in the world comes with its pros and cons. Let’s discuss what the positive and negative is of subscribing to fixed wireless internet.


  • Your service does not require a phone line, so you can cut the cord.
  • Locally owned and operated firms comprise the majority of fixed wireless internet providers.
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of data you can store.
  • The service is dependable and quick, with speeds comparable to those of high-speed cable.
  • The Internet is delivered over the airways and does not need the use of telephone or cable connections.


  • You must have a direct line of sight connection to the access point, and you must be within 10 miles of it in most circumstances. This may limit your options.
  • Wireless internet that is fixed maybe a little pricey. The price is usually comparable to cable internet services.

The Expansion of Fixed Wireless InternetThe Expansion of Fixed Wireless Internet

Nearly half of the population in the United States now has access to fixed wireless internet, but many providers plan to continue expanding their networks to reach more people.

Major cities that normally lack fixed wireless services, such as Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, and New York, are beginning to see possibilities emerge courtesy to providers like Starry Internet. Individual households may not have access to these fixed wireless networks, which often give internet to entire buildings.


Fixed wireless internet is a reasonable option for people living in rural or developing areas. With many competent service providers available, it gives the users the edge to have a high-speed internet connection at affordable rates rather than ISPs creating their monopolies.

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