Increasing YouTube Views: 10 Free Tips to Apply Today

Written By Alla Levin
December 05, 2021
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Increasing YouTube Views: 10 Free Tips to Apply Today

Increasing YouTube views is every video producer’s desire, right? Some practices seem simple but have surprising results—and do you know them?

This post brings together tips that you can apply to your business today. It is possible, for example, to use tags or create playlists. Also, some strategies used in content production for your blog, such as keyword research, can be applied as well.

YouTube’s algorithm puts videos with the most hits towards the top of the search results. The more hits, the more money the YouTuber can make from ad revenue. 

Liking someone’s video helps them get more hits. When you like a YouTube video, that video is put on a playlist on your channel. It also puts that video in the feed of everyone who follows you. Initially, if you are unable to get that many amounts of hits or likes, you can always buy YouTube likes, subscribers, and views as well.

Let’s start with the list:

Choose good keywordsChoose good keywords

To rank well in Google, you need to choose the right keyword for your content – and could not be otherwise on YouTube. Before planning or editing any video, you need to make an efficient search.

The term or expression chosen will be essential to drive the platform’s search engine and bring more views to your business. The SEO tools you use in your daily life, such as SemRush, Ubbersugest, and Adwords, are essential at these times.

Remember Google Trends too, as it indicates the most searched terms in a given period. With this information in hand, you can create better content and define the topics of your next videos.

Use tags

Like keywords, tags help the social network’s algorithm recognize what users will find in your videos. Also, know that they help index your content.

Make the information simple and easy to understand. It is valid to use the main keyword and choose auxiliary terms, which are related to the topic covered as well. Therefore, you will not hesitate not to use them, right?

Focus on the first 5 secondsFocus on the first 5 seconds

The initial moments of your content deserve your full attention, especially the first 5 seconds. It is during this time that the viewer decides whether to watch your video or not.

Some YouTubers make the mistake of placing advertisements and vignettes during this period, and you cannot do the same. Those who don’t care about this end up losing views to other channels, as competition is high and lives next door. Want to see it?

Just open any YouTube video and review the content from the right sidebar. In the blink of an eye, your visitor can find another more interesting video leaving your page.

In addition to reducing audience retention, which is the average time people watch your video, this causes audience engagement to drop and you lose credibility with the viewer. 

So, deliver as much value as possible in the first 5 seconds and grab your audience’s attention.

You can, for example, summarize what will be covered in the video and say that, in the end, you will respond to the comments of the previous video or, using the mental trigger of curiosity, say that you will tell a secret to reduce costs in the company. The possibilities are varied. So, use your creativity and secure more YouTube views.

Make striking thumbnail images

Chances are you’ve already watched a video because of a good cover image, right? The so-called Thumbnails serve to attract the attention of the public and should be well developed by those who want to increase views on YouTube. At these times, you have two options.

In the first case, you can use a frame of the video itself, which is even suggested by the platform itself. In the other possibility, it is possible to create a custom Thumbnail.

Create playlistsCreate playlists

Playlists are for digital producers to create content in sequence. This means that you can do a series about weight loss or how to sell more: the choice is in your hands.

The benefits of playlists are varied:

  • make the user watch several videos without having to play or switch screens;
  • create targeted lists for each topic;
  • organize your channel content and facilitate the viewer experience;
  • increase channel dwell time;
  • influence YouTube’s algorithm in choosing related videos.

Use your social networks

You’re probably tired of hearing that social media is great for driving traffic to your blog, gaining market notoriety, and building bonds with customers.

And this idea is also valid for increasing YouTube views. A simple Instagram post, for example, can bring hundreds or thousands of views to one of your videos.

It does not stop there. By bringing more people to YouTube, the platform’s algorithm sees your content as a gateway to new users, improving your channel’s organic ranking and increasing the number of referrals.

Have digital influencers as partners

The digital influencers are the personalities of social networks. They share extremely relevant content with their followers. Some entrepreneurs hire digital influencers to sell products, and you can use them to get more YouTube views.

Keep your posts regularestablish specific days and even times

This is yet another comparison between blogging and YouTube content production that you should remember: be regular in your posts. Entrepreneurs who have a loyal audience establish specific days and even times to release their videos. Making the mistake of posting one video today and another 2 months from now is something you should avoid at all costs.

In the beginning, it is normal to have doubts about the best dates and times. That’s why it’s important to run tests and see how the audience reacts. After that, you can improve your strategy and increase YouTube views.

Some channels post videos every day, others publish 3x a week. The important thing is to maintain regularity and be faithful to your editorial calendar.

Encourage comments

Stimulating conversation among users is another way to drive your channel’s growth. At the end of each video, encourage interaction in the comments and let viewers chat with each other or even ask you questions.

Just be careful to avoid discussions, spam, and nasty comments. Take advantage of this moment and see the reviews your channel receives too. They are critical to your future as you can build on these comments and improve your positioning and your output, although you can take a higher route and buy YouTube comments which benefit the same way but give a little boost.

Enjoy your videos on the blogEnjoy your videos on the blog

Putting videos in posts is a great strategy to increase the length of stay of your blog visitors. In addition to making the content more complete, you offer a new way for people to acquire knowledge.

We’re taking this tip to increase YouTube views on the eNotes blog, and some results are surprising.


As with all other social networks, you must produce attractive content that adds value to your viewers. Remember that it is very important to monitor the consequences of any actions you take as well. You may not get it right the first time. And believe me: this happens to many entrepreneurs, and it won’t be different for you.

But do not worry. Errors show us where we need best, so always monitor the performance of your YouTube profile. Organic growth of views may take a while, but it’s important to be persistent and always look for ways to improve your channel.

With this post, you learned simple tips to increase YouTube views. Put them into practice as soon as possible, start getting positive results and stop wasting time.

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