Tearing Down Your Aging Wood Deck – An In-depth Guide

Written By Alla Levin
December 04, 2021

Tearing Down Your Aging Wood Deck – An In-depth Guide

Is your deck showing signs of decline? Do you have plans to build a new deck or landscape your yard? Do you need to know how to get rid of your old wooden deck and where to dispose of it? Improving your backyard with a new deck could be a great way to impress relatives and friends, especially if you take inspiration from some of the creative decks you can find here.

However, the major problem is getting rid of the old ones. What should you do with it? This question stops many people from getting a new deck.

While the obvious solution is to hire junk removal Benicia CA services, some people still consider it an additional expense and avoid changing their wood deck. A well-kept hardwood deck can last much longer, but it will need to be removed or replaced if it hasn’t been well-kept. Here are a few indicators that your deck should be updated or excluded:

Spots of softnessaging wood deck

Rot can be detected by dark brown or green weak places on your deck boards. If just one or two posts are rotting, you might be capable of replacing them and keeping your deck in use. However, if one or more posts have rotted, the remaining posts are likely to be incomparable conditions—especially if they’re the same age. Seats provide stability and support for a deck, and if they break unexpectedly, individuals on the deck could suffer catastrophic injuries.

Erosion around the posts’ bottoms

Newer decks are supported by concrete-anchored poles buried deep in the earth. The frequent exposure to the weather might destabilize the deck over time, mainly if you live in an area that receives a large volume of snow and rain each year. Examine to observe how many of the posts are exposed to detect it. If the concrete anchors that secure the seats in place begin showing, you’ll need to replace the bars immediately.

Boards that are not tightly bound

Are there any loose planks on your deck in different places? Examine the framework beneath for broken, loose, or rotten boards and cracked loose or rotten boards.

Popping fasteners

With time, the sun will dry up the deck boards, causing them to break. The nails and screws will then pop up, and bolts could become loose as a result.

When you hold the railings, they sway

When you grab the railings, they pull out or sway, which is an issue and a safety danger. Railing posts that are solely fastened with nails weaken over time.

Tools and Safety Items for Deck Demolition

Ensure you have all the tools and safety items you’ll need to remove your deck. If you don’t already have them, everything you’ll require should be accessible at your local shop or home improvement store.

  • Pry Bar
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Sledgehammer
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Shovel
  • Work Gloves
  • Protective Glasses
  • Closed-Toe Shoes

How to Take Down Your Deck?How to Take Down Your Deck

  1.       Detach any railings with a crowbar or by reversing the screws with a drill;
  2.       Using a pry bar and claw hammer, pull apart the deck planks piece by piece;
  3.       Gather the nails and screws in a box, so there are no loose objects to trip over;
  4.       Using a saw, remove the deck frame away from your house;
  5.       Off to the side, arrange deck boards in order of size;
  6.       Using a sledgehammer, remove the joists;
  7.       Eliminate the hanger boards;
  8.       Remove the support posts’ concrete footings;
  9.       Pull the treads up and remove the risers and posts to separate the steps.

Options for the Old Deck Boards

You’ll have a lot of wood left over once you’ve demolished your deck. You have a lot of alternatives for what to do with your wood, from reusing and recycling to discarding what’s too damaged to be used in another project.

  • Make your picture or art frames;
  • Use Them for Interior Trim Initiatives;
  • Utilize the good-condition planks for your new deck or railings;
  • To get rid of them, hire a dumpster.

Hiring a Junk Removal Service

Numerous professional junk removal firms give excellent service and make your life easy. They take care of single-item furniture removal, yard garbage hauling, construction waste disposal, and light demo work like shed discharge, carpet disposal, hot tub removal, cabinet removal, playground removal, and bulk trash disposal.

After you contact them, they will send a team to your location to handle all heavy lifting, clean up, and transport away your rubbish—same-day service, labor, post-job clean-up, time saver, cost-effectiveness, and disposal fees. The ultimate results depend on the company you have selected. So, choose wisely. Choose 3 Kings Hauling – the most reliable junk removal company in Benicia for the best outcome.

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