Open Plan Kitchens
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Open Plan Kitchens – Inspiring Design Lessons

Open-plan kitchens have always been the talk of the town for so many years. For 2022, we are expecting a massive comeback from their side. Thus, this respective trend believes to be the favorite trend among homeowners. In the kitchen world, the remodeling ideas and construction practices are ever-changing. But our recommended suggestions will grab your attention surely.

No doubt, open plan kitchens make your space more functional-looking. They show the ultimate blend of functionality, practicality and can be utilized as a pure social entertaining space. By 2022, they will certainly be perceived as the hub and main center of attraction of your home.

You can utilize such a space for celebrating Christmas as well. We are sure that our provided ideas will work for you. Now, try giving an informal vibe to your home space and incorporate open-plan layouts, period styled elements in it. Even more, when remodeling your kitchen, makes sure to use the latest construction techniques so your new layout stands out automatically. Also, it is important to get a house remodeling estimate before starting the new construction project.

Important elements of an Open Plan Kitchen

A functional open-plan kitchen carries some important elements that you should not disregard at all! Try designing this space in a way that it looks connected and fully integrated in general. You can transform this place in a way where you can easily complete your school work, office assignments, socialize with your family members. In other words, you should think about the new layout creatively.

Carefully decide the layout ideas and think wisely that how you will go with the material choices and select the appliances. Include only those flooring that can bear high amounts of traffic. In addition, set up an ample amount of cooking prepping space. Install a couple of sinks because traffic will be coming from living and dining areas. In this open-plan design, you can even incorporate a playroom, bar area.

Setting up a Home Office in your Open Plan KitchenSetting up a Home Office in your Open Plan Kitchen

How about setting up a home office in your open-plan kitchen? Yes, it sounds amazing! Because of the pandemic, people are pushed to work from home. And this automatically encouraged people to remodel their kitchens to utilize them both for cooking and office work purposes.

You can definitely set up a small workspace and try making the kitchen space most inspiring looking. Place a working desk but make sure to keep it out of sight on the weekends. It is better to keep the work desk completely behind pocket doors. In this way, you can shut them away when they are not used. Install noise-free appliances because you never know when you get a zoom meeting call from your office.

Including Built-in Seating in your Open-Plan Kitchens

The idea of including built-in seating in such a kitchen space will apparently work. If your kitchen space is limited, try making it much interactive looking. Get it connected with your dining or living room, so it no longer looks small in size.

The tightly spaced kitchens should be accompanied by banquette seating. Setting up a freestanding table; stylish-looking chairs give a perfect sense to your space. Through banquette seating, you do not have to create extra space for chairs to be placed around the dining table.

Going with the idea of U-shaped DesignOpen Plan Kitchens

Small and tight-spaced open plan kitchens and inculcating U-shape design in them- they simply go hand in hand. Open plans have limited walls, and such a design allows more and more light to flow easily. In addition, it frees up the maximum amount of floor space for the rest of the uses.

Try painting the units in a dark and bold color tone in such a space. On the other hand, keep the interior design light and airy. The U-shaped design makes a strong connection between your cooking and living areas. Kitchens with this kind of design enjoy plenty of space for placing essential appliances, generally including fridges and sinks.

Having a Single Wall Kitchen

Lastly, having a single-wall kitchen will absolutely make your cooking area functional and efficient. The one-wall kitchen has become the most popular concept in homes of all kinds of sizes. To make open plan spaces more contemporary looking, that is by far the full-proof idea that you can go for. It results in giving your cooking area a sleek and super unfussy finish.


So, do you now wish to make your kitchen space be embraced with an open plan layout! Go on opting for these ideas and let us know your feedback about them. An open-plan design seamlessly integrates and well-sync other home sections with the kitchen zone. In addition, you should start with the idea of following an industrial interior scheme when designing open cooking areas for the first time. Stay connected to grab more interesting ideas and key design lessons.

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