How Clean is Your House? How to Clean Your Home Faster

Written By Alla Levin
August 28, 2017
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Life Hacks from Home Cleaning Service

How to clean your home faster? Home Cleaning is not a super fun activity. I’m sure you will find something more enjoyable and exciting to do instead. However, you should not disregard the maintenance of your home’s cleanliness.

Since the dust in the corners and the mountains of the dishes in your sink cannot be justified by the concept of a “creative disorder.” Anyways I have a few tips from home cleaning service companies for you on how to clean your home faster and save your time for something more fun.

Keep Your Tools Readyinvest in high-quality window cleaning tools

Cleaning your home, especially when you’re the only one doing it, can be tedious and time-consuming for the most part. One cleaning hack that can help you cut time is by keeping the proper tools ready and within your reach.

Think about the time you’ll waste running back and forth to get bottles of cleaning solutions, squeegees, and sponges from the shed. Wear an apron with large pockets, or carry a tool belt where you can place cleaning kits. Instead of large bottles, pour solutions into smaller containers to make them easier to carry and use. 

Also, invest in high-quality window cleaning tools that can clean windows from dust and smudges. Finally, place your ladder nearby to save time and effort.

Clean the house according to the rules

The main rule of home cleaning is to move from the top to the bottom, and this practice is a must. No matter how carefully you collect the crumbs on the table, they will still fall on the floor.

Wet cleaning of the various surfaces must be done before you start washing the floor. Another important aspect of home cleaning is the development of the most efficient route. Try to follow it every time, so you won’t miss anything and won’t go back to the lost areas.

How Clean is Your House: Use proper tissueHow Clean is Your House

Do not use rags or gauze for wiping dust. It is better to take an individual napkin from microfiber. This particular material will do not leave fibers, do not roll down or shed, absorb much more water and at the same time absorb less liquid inside the fiber (which means way faster washing) and quickly dry out.

How to Clean Your Home Faster: Clean the stove at the end

In the kitchen, the dirtiest surface is usually the stove. When starting cleaning in the kitchen, apply a cleaning agent to the oven and leave it for a few minutes.

During this time, start wiping the surface on the right and move clockwise in the kitchen. (You can go in the opposite direction – this is not a strict rule) The main thing is that so you can avoid unnecessary trips to the sink for rinsing the rag. When you finally get to the stove again, removing even heavy contaminants will not require much of your effort.

Especially if you do not neglect special agents for cleaning: they are more aggressive than the usual detergent and better remove the pollution. At the same time, due to the absence of abrasive particles, the agent for cleaning the stove does not damage the surface compared to cleaning agents, which contain soda.

Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from the effects of active components.

Simplify your choice

The wardrobe of modern people is full of things they do not wear for months. Extreme diversity leads only to losing time in choosing what to wear every morning.

To make it easier to make a choice and at the same time clean, reorganize your wardrobe. Try the following action plan:

  • Take out the clothes for the off-season;
  • Choose the clothes that you regularly wear, create outfits immediately ready to be worn;
  • Pick a few things that have been waiting for their time, and find an excuse to wear them in the next fortnight;
  • The rest needs to go into the box with a date on it. In a month, go back to that box and get rid of things you never needed.

Be sure that the best help will always come from the experts, so if you have no time to make your home, just invite the best home cleaning service, and they will have your house clean, and you will have time for your exciting hobbies and activities.

Here are 11 additional time-saving hacks to help you keep your house clean.

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