What Technology Has Brought to Wristwatches

Written By Alla Levin
December 14, 2021
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What Technology Has Brought to Wristwatches

Technological advancements have brought features to wristwatches that many thought impossible. We have gone beyond it just telling us the time, and now, we have access to many functions that our mobile phones are also capable of performing. Electronic gadgetry now makes it possible for us to make and receive a call on our watch.

Let us then consider just what is important to us when thinking about how much we love the combination of technology and watches. We shall look at something like the huawei watch as an example when it comes to thinking about just what is possible with a modern watch.

Phone Watches

The ability to make and receive phone calls on a watch would have seemed like something from the Star Trek sci-fi series not all that long ago, but phone watches are becoming extremely popular. There are some brands that look the same until they are lit up but there are others that have elegance too. We can look trendy now at the same time as embracing phone technology that is becoming even more mobile.

Wireless ChargingHuawei watch

Charging only ever used to be with a lead that needed a plug socket close by but now charging through a USB lead has become wireless charging. There are watches currently available that will make use of this type of technology.

Wireless chargers will work by creating magnetic fields that a phone watch or similar device will absorb to gain its energy. When a device is placed on the wireless charging mat, the device’s small coil will receive and harvest this energy from the magnetic field and use it to power the battery. Wires are an inconvenience and a trip hazard and they are being eliminated in more situations now.


The look of a watch is just as important as the watch’s technological features. The aesthetic design of a watch is a technology in itself. The technological capabilities do not have to get in the way of how good a watch looks on someone’s wrist. Black and silver lend themselves to technology but can also look stylish at the same time.

We must bear in mind how a watch looks both lit and unlit when there is mobile phone technology hidden within its workings. When lit up, intense blues, greens, and reds look impressive visually as much as they improve the visibility of its display in the dark.

Sapphire Watch Dials

Sapphire glass is not technically glass. It is ideally suited to watches, though, because it is completely colorless. It is an industry-produced crystal that is crystalline, technical ceramic, and transparent. Technical ceramic is also known as a high-performance or engineering ceramic. Sapphire glass is made of pure aluminum oxide (Al203). It is the lack of any natural contamination that makes it as clear as a viewing glass for the luminous display underneath. It is pleasing to look at a lit display with such clarity.

Oxygen Saturation TechnologySmartwatches will help their wearer with fitness

Today’s wristwatches can now offer medical checks and monitoring. A watch can have, for example, oxygen saturation detection built-in. A pulse oximeter is a medical device that will monitor indirectly the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood as opposed to measuring it directly. So, how does a smartwatch measure blood oxygen?

Well, it works using a method where light is reflected off the surface of the body. This is normally through infrared and red light being reflected off subcutaneous tissue or bone and to the sensor of the watch.

Oxygen saturation devices in watches might not be medical grade but they are a good early warning sign for those wearing the wristwatch and displaying the information. The hospitalizations from the Covid pandemic have shown how important our oxygen levels are.


Smartwatches are worn when playing sports such as snowboarding and skiing. Smartwatches will help their wearer with fitness. Some of them will have over 100 workout modes to choose from.

It is possible with many smartwatches to track the number of steps that you make in a day, see how many calories you have burned, and check your heart rate while exercising. This is possible using the apps that they are compatible with because of their connections to mobile or cell phone technology.

These apps encourage us to keep fit by monitoring our daily fitness goals. They are good for keeping us in regular exercise and providing that desire to make ourselves healthier and then to maintain that kind of fitness level. We can see our fitness trends displayed and compared. Fitness objectives can be set for us to reach.

There is much to be gained from having a watch that features style and technology. It will have communication and health benefits, as well as being able to monitor our health and fitness levels. Also, we can look elegant while wearing that same watch that has everything we would want to be included within its digital make-up. Even the watch face has been thought about so that the display is clear to see. What lights up is a splendid sight to see. The futuristic style looks good whether illuminated or not.

There is much to love about these smartwatches that we are describing here. They are for practical people who also want to look good while making their lives easier and healthier.

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