Why Music Festivals Are So Popular

Written By Alla Levin
December 17, 2021

Why Music Festivals Are So Popular

Festivals can be some of the most extraordinary experiences you can have as a music fan. They provide a fantastic opportunity to mingle with thousands of other people there for the same reason. Not only that, they can be immensely satisfying events that can give you experiences that you might never have expected.

Festivals are a way of life

Part of the appeal of a music festival is how it is packed with you-should-have-been-there moments. They provide experiences that can only be truly appreciated by going to a festival. Bands perform unique songs away from the cameras, giving a truly unique experience.

There are even random moments where bands might involve fans in the songs in a more practical way, such as being invited on stage to perform with the band in what can only be a once-in-a-lifetime moment. While you can see so much of what happens at many of the more prominent festivals on TV, such as Glastonbury and T in the Park, the smaller ones give you such a different insight into the true beauty of festivals.

I wish you were hereWhy Music Festivals Are So Popular

With social media being such a big part of life now, there is now a sense of what have I missed when it comes to festivals. You see the pictures online, increasing the desire to make it to the event. Once you see all the pictures, it spurs you to ensure you don’t miss the next one.

It becomes addictive to the extent that just once a year doesn’t suffice, so you end up planning your year around it all. Much like how sports fans will use major finals to schedule their lives, festival-goers also apply the same concept to their lives. It is not just an event; and it is a lifestyle.

At a festival, you might well get a bit of downtime between bands and while other people in your party catch up on some sleep. It might be worth doing a bit of admin to clear your phone and emails with this. Failing that, you could always see what options are available to you online, maybe looking to play a few slots or even a little go at online poker. Click here for some ideas on where it could lead to.

Why music festivals are so popular: look for hidden gems

Now you might have initially gone to a festival on the weight of a big-name band being there to headline, but quite often, a lot of the joy can come from who is on the stage beforehand.

With music all day, every day, chances are you will come across a smaller name band that opens your eyes to how much quality there is out there. They might not be on the main stage, but by taking a look around,, you might find an unsigned act that ends up being this generation’s answer to the Rolling Stones or Biffy Clyro. You don’t know until you take the time to look around.

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