Successful Fundraising Event
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A Guide to a Successful Fundraising Event

Fundraising requires perseverance, organization, and charisma. Even when economic conditions go against you, holding a successful fundraising event is possible. You can raise enough funds by setting a goal, knowing your target audience, and celebrating the wins.

Traditional events still have relevance in 2021. However, it pays to seek creative twists. You can hold in-person events; you can also hold virtual ones. We provide a seven-step guide to a successful fundraising event to help you plan yours.

Set an Amount

To produce a successful event that raises funds, define success. Set an amount that you would like the event to the net. As you come up with the number, remain realistic. Abide by the under-promise, over-deliver theory. Most individuals want to raise $1 million every time. However, it’s not always practical.

Consider the market and the amount raised during previous attempts. Also, consider how others have fared in similar endeavors. Then you have enough information to set your expectations.

Know Your AudienceSuccessful Fundraising Event

In some circles, it’s possible to raise $1 million every time. In others, funds arrive in far smaller denominations. Sometimes you receive donations from people who make financial sacrifices to support the causes closest to their hearts.

To put together a successful fundraising event, know your audience. Individuals who donate their estates to the arts, charities, and educational institutions live in philanthropy circles. In return for the kindness, organizations acknowledge their efforts with plaques, awards, and press.

In modest circles, people want to have a good time, become part of a community, and feel good about their donations. When you know your audience, you can hit the sweet spot. Your event is more likely to resonate with them. The result is wallets that open more freely.

Hire a Professional Planner

Once you know your audience, you can plan the most appropriate event type. Sometimes a 5k run is the best route. Other times you need to schedule an opulent black and white ball.

When your budget allows, hire a professional planner. Planners have connections to venues, caterers, wait staff, florists, among other relevant professionals. Shadowing a planner is excellent on-the-job learning too. If you hold the gathering in a different city, it helps to work with someone local to the area.

In addition to working with a professional event planner, hire a crew of commercial security guards. The presence of professional security guards helps event attendees feel safe. Special Security Services provides an overview to consider.

Get the Right Guest List

The correct guest list helps make an event prosperous. When you fundraise, you ask people to open their wallets and make considerable donations. Your goal is to invite guests who are ready to complete this action.

It’s necessary to invite individuals who add credibility to the occasion too. You also want to reach out to guests who bring attention to the function. If you put together a 5k run and walk, your goal is to engage as many participants as possible. You don’t need a guest list for mass events. But it still helps to have some VIPs in attendance.

Set Up Alternate Donation Methods

Everyone on your RSVP list will not show up to the gathering. They can have a scheduling conflict. If you hold a private event, you limit the guest list. Although you cannot invite everyone who wants to attend, you can set up alternative donation methods.

For example, upload a simple website for the event to the internet. Add secure payment processing options that accept donations. When it comes to fundraising, every cent counts.

Add Marketing

For functions with a strict guest list, you’re not going to market this fact. However, you can announce that it’s taking place through a press release, on social media, and online.

Events that depend on several participants require marketing. Since you know your audience, you’ll know the most effective channels to use. Suppose you’re targeting the young generations, market on social media. Consider placing announcements in newspapers and sending out mailers for families and older individuals. You can also post flyers at community centers.

Celebrate the Results

After the event, you’re ready to celebrate the results. Ideally, you surpassed the goal. Meeting your goal is another best-case scenario. Put together and disseminate a press release outlining the results.

Highlight notable individuals who attended, the details of the gathering, and the total amount raised. Summarize the funds’ recipients and how the funds benefit them. Tell their story in a meaningful manner.

If you hold the event annually, point that information out to the readers. It’s never too early to start planning the next one. Celebrating the results creates buzz. It’s an opportunity to continue fundraising. The press release can bring additional donors, interested parties, and more attention to the next gathering.

Successful Fundraising Event: Conclusion

In 2021, individuals tasked with raising funds have far more tools at their disposal. It’s OK to use traditional methods; it’s also OK to organize exclusive events for high-end donors. You can also accept additional donations through online means. Exploring all channels and avenues helps ensure a successful fundraising event.

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