Activities for the Holidays
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What are Essential Activities for the Holidays?

Crisp winter mornings and fir trees, it’s starting to feel like the holidays. With the boughs of holly fast creeping upon us, we’re back to the yearly frenzy of Christmas parties, gift wrapping, and whipping up seasonal recipes to perfection. Of course, some traditions are timeless, and the holidays wouldn’t feel the same without them; however, there are lots of bona fide activities that we’re living for this season.

So, if your holiday schedule has got room for a couple more fun-filled festive activities or you’re simply looking to take on new traditions, we’ve got the ultimate holiday bucket list for you. Check out these can’t-go-wrong activities we’re obsessed with this holiday season.

7 festive season activities to try out this year:Trip To the Christmas Tree Farm

Trip To the Christmas Tree Farm

We’re all for doing things differently this season—swap the cliché mega-store Christmas trees for a trip to the lush green tree farms. Parking lot holiday pop-up trees might be convenient, but they hardly ever come with a story to tell. So instead, take an out-of-town visit to a Christmas tree farm with your family- the hot chocolate refills and merry road trip playlists are just a fraction of the fun tree hunting experience.

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts

Holidays are the season to give, and that’s a tradition we’re not giving up. The festive season is a time to cherish your friends and family, and what better way to do that than a thoughtful gift. So hit up all your favorite stores and take advantage of all the holiday season or visit this site to get a gift your brother won’t stop gushing over. But, most importantly, don’t hold back on the kindness; go all out with gift donations- that’s the true holiday spirit.

Holiday photoshoots

Memories are lasting, but you know what lasts forever? Pictures. Commemorate your holidays with quirky holiday photoshoots. Set up a home photo booth with festive-inspired props and costumes for all your friends and family; while this is a fun bonding experience to look back to, it also makes for a great Holiday card addition.

Activities for the Holidays: Bake togetherActivities for the Holidays

Gingerbread houses, Christmas-themed cookies, signature holiday pies- no denying this is the highlight of the festive season. Substitute that seasonal get-together for a bake together with your friends or family. Host a gingerbread decoration session with the children or, get your workmate to wow you with their famous coconut cookies recipe. The kids will have the time of their lives licking the chocolate batter clean off your mixing bowls- that still counts as teamwork.

Holiday game nights

We can’t overlook the fun aspects of the holidays- round up your friends or family for a puzzle night or a competitive game of solitaire. Spice up this holiday season with amped-up game nights, complemented with ugly sweaters, snacks, and a few drinks. Hype up the competitive energy with incentives; yearly winning titles are a good start.

Sip Nights

After all the holiday planning frenzy, adults deserve a little wind-down. Create spiked-up versions of your favorite holiday drinks for a fun touch with your family or friends. Host eggnog or alcoholic hot chocolate tasting with paint or pottery class. Sip and creativity will always unfold into a memorable night.

Drive-in movie nights

Drive-in movie theaters are for you if you’re a sucker for screen time. Streaming services may have a series of Christmas movies staples, but nothing beats the good old outdoor cinemas. So look up drive-in movie theaters around you for the ultimate dreamy holiday experience. Besides, the festive season is never complete without all our favorite holiday movie classics.

Activities for the Holidays: Wrapping Up

As the year rounds to an end, we’re looking to make the most of what was an eventful phase. Unfortunately, finding activities to keep us merry and jolly amidst the dragged-out pandemic is not precisely the easiest thing to do. We may not know how to fly you out across the globe for some quality holiday time with your friends and family, but we hope you can steal some of our favorite ideas for a worthwhile and joyous holiday season experience this year.

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