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8 Step Guide to Become a Pilot

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot? Well, dream no more! In this article, you will find the 8 steps you need to become a pilot. Whether you want to land on water or fly a jumbo jet, read on to see what you need.

Figure Out What Pilot You Want To Be

The first step to becoming a pilot is figuring out what type of pilot you want to be. While we all think of a Boeing 747 pilot, many other options exist. From bush pilots in Africa to cargo pilots, private pilots, jet pilots, and many more.

Maybe do a taster first of the different kinds of planes you would be flying to see which one you like most, whether that be flying a spitfire like the ones on or a Boeing 747, as mentioned before.

Each discipline will require specific licenses and aircraft certification. It’s no help knowing how to fly a helicopter if your job is to fly a Cessna. Decide on the type of pilot you want to be and then move on to the next step where.

Choose A Flight School

Now that you know what type of pilot you want to be, you can find the best schools and programs for your discipline. For big commercial airliners, you need to find the approved schools, schools with airline ties, or even airline cadet programs. These are often the best routes.

On the other hand, for flying jet and cargo planes, the military or air force could be a better option. Do your research and find out which schools suit your chosen discipline and are accessible to you. Ensure you factor in fees for the program and living expenses if the school is out of town.

Get Your Medical Done

Before anyone lets you near a plane, they will want to make sure you are physically and mentally able to fly one. This is why you are required to go for a full medical specific to flying. The doctor will do a series of checks and evaluations to assess your suitability for becoming a pilot. In many countries, there are only certain medical professionals who can conduct these tests, so make sure you find one near you.

Register As A Student Pilot

This process can vary depending on your country and even state. However, in many countries, you need to register as a student pilot in which you are issued a student pilot license. This will sometimes require a written examination or test.

Once you have this, you will be ready to start training!

Start On The Groundairline cadet programs

Many students will walk into their first day of training, eager to get up in the air. However, before you can fly a plane you will need to start with ground school. Ground school is a set of classes at the base in which you will learn about many different aspects of flying.

This includes understanding how the aircraft’s engines work, how the instruments work, how to read the weather, air movements, health and safety, and much more. These classes are a crucial part of becoming a pilot. New students will often be required to go through some introductory classes before starting flight training.

Start Flying Lessons

After your introductory classes are done, you are ready to fly. You will fly with a trained and experienced instructor who will be responsible for teaching you how to fly the specific aircraft. They will start off with the basics and, over a couple of months, will take you through hours of flying until you are ready for a solo flight.

A solo flight is a type of training in which a student pilot will fly without any guidance from the instructor. They will do this over and over until they have proved their competence in flying.

Do Your Ground School Exams

After you have spent hours in the air and more hours in ground school, you will be ready to take your exams to get your ratings. Ratings are the term used to describe your licensing and ability in the flying community.

These exams will be fairly similar to many other exams in which the student will need to write a series of tests. The pass mark for these exams is usually very high, usually set at 70%.

If the student fails an exam, they will usually get one more rewrite before they have to start all over again in the particular ground school module. For many modules, you will be unable to continue with more training until the module is passed.

Guide to Become a Pilot: Do Your Flight Exams

Exams for flight ratings are a little different. They often entail supervised flights in which the student will need to fly solo, navigate along specific routes, and go through certain in-flight challenges, all while under the careful supervision of an instructor. Some of these challenges include simulating what would happen if an engine stalled or if there was a fire on board.

All these skills are a crucial part of getting your license.

While the road to becoming a pilot is not a short one, it can be a very rewarding one if you are passionate about it. Follow these 8 steps, and you can be a pilot in no time!

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