How Can a Family Lawyer Help With Your Child Custody Battle?

Written By Alla Levin
December 22, 2021

How Can a Family Lawyer Help With Your Child Custody Battle?

During a divorce, many parents can find themselves involved in a custody battle. Only one parent will win in terms of overall custody of their child or children. There might be access still awarded, but it will not be the same as having full custody and the joys that will bring.

Accordingly, if you would like some advice about how best to navigate a child custody case, researching some of the Top Family law Attorneys in New York or wherever you might be based can help you to plan your next steps.

Legal Advice

A lawyer like Jennifer Croker will be there to stop a parent from making all the wrong decisions when it comes to a battle for child custody. A wrong move at any stage can mean that the other parent gains the advantage.

Any physical or verbal altercations should, for instance, be avoided. These can only look bad when the case goes to trial. Violence is particularly frowned upon and likely to lose a child custody battle. It pays to have a family lawyer who can advise you of your potential mistakes before you make them.

As another early tip, you should avoid venting your anger to your children. Any misguided comments could end up being used against you.

Alcohol or drug misuse can be why child custody will not ultimately be granted. You should know this yourself but will be encouraged to avoid either by your lawyer. They will support you in doing all the right things to help your case.

Then the important thing is to follow the court’s requests and always be guided by your divorce lawyer richmond on what the right thing to do is while in the midst of a child custody battle.

EvidenceTop Family law Attorneys in New York

Lawyers are experts in gathering the kinds of evidence for a court case that will ultimately matter in the decision-making process. Private detectives can be hired, and lawyers know the best there are. Surveillance may be necessary to monitor the activities of the other parent in cases where they can be proved to be unfit to take care of children. This may be because of criminality and dubious relationships that are not in the interests of the child.

A child will, to an extent, have a say in what happens to them, but only if it is proven by adults to be in their best interest. That is what everyone wants. Where a decision has to be made, you will enjoy the very best lawyers in the business on your side to help you achieve the right life-changing decision you will be looking for ultimately.

Both parents’ wants will not necessarily be the same, and sometimes alternative tactics are required to achieve the best aim for a parent and their child.

Child Custody: The Trial

Where divorce ends up in a trial, a lawyer is the best person to present your child custody case. They will have all the skills in persuasion required to put forward your argument for permanent custody to be granted. It is not the case that the child is always given to the mother and not always about who has the most money to care for the child. There are other factors that a family lawyer can play on to mean that decisions end up on your side.

We can see then just how many aspects there are to a case of child custody. This will start with the advice that steers the case in the client’s direction. Following on from this, there may be evidence that will prove to strengthen the case for one party rather than the other. The trial will be the opportunity to ensure that the child stays with whichever parent is in their best interests.

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